Aussie Nintendo Store: Waiting For Cave Story

Let's get this out of the way first. No Shantae, still no Cave Story this week but there still might be something you like. Well maybe not, since we only got ONE game out of the 5 Europe did. Yes, just the singular one. Great huh?

Virtual Console

Rival Turf! (SNES, 800 Points, Jaleco) - Probably known more for it's RAD and HIP boxart more than the actual game itself. Rival Turf! (with the exclamation mark for radical rawness) is one of the many beat em ups from the 16 bit era that have made their way to the Virtual Console. Just remember, it's your turf and you have to keep Big Al's gang off it.

So there you have it, the quickest and easiest update I've ever had to write thanks in part to the country's ridiculously rating system.


    It's times like this I'm glad I've got a US wii. I should probably pick up some more points while the dollar is tanking!

    ive got a wii, but my region problem lies in where is castle crashers for PS3?!?!?

    How about some C64 goodness while we're complaining!

    You can't blame the country's rating system. Xbox Live gets updates as readily as the US.
    Nintendo Store just sucks a big ol' nut.
    But not as big as the nut that Playstation Store sucks.

      You can blame the costs of rating games in Australia, combined with the low numbers of Aussies who buy digital content on their Wii. Sure once in a while Nintendo dust off their "we're committed to online" speech, but there just isn't enough of a market for most of these games to sell down under.

        hmm, maybe nintendo should try harder at marketing it significantly better than what they do now.
        A scaled purchasing system whereby the older products online become cheaper to encourage more purchases, crazy day sales where everything is half priced, portability whereby you can transfer your game to a friend like we used to do in 1995. A payment scale that doesn't reflect being ripped off in comparison to recent release game prices with sliding value.
        There are not enough sales to warrant the effort on nintendo's part because they choose to not put the effort themselves in to market the online aspects of the console.
        Has world of goo come to a more respectable value to the rest of the online community yet?

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