Aussie Runes of Magic Servers Start Today

Aussie Runes of Magic Servers Start Today

Those of you looking for a lag-free MMO experience with PvP (and are tired of Age of Reckoning) need look no further. Runes of Magic will be lavishing latency love on the Australian/New Zealand market, starting today. You can download the client here, which they’ve kindly slimmed down to about half its size at 3.5GB.

Runes of Magic is free to play and free to download, relying on the microtransaction model. You can pay to save time – speeding up grind quests and transport – or just for cosmetic stuff. It’s your standard MMO fare, with the same classes & abilities you’re used to. You do also have the ability to combine two classes later on – and at this price, who can argue?

Kotaku AU will be interviewing Tony Tang, Business Development Manager at Runewaker Entertainment, and Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of Frogster Pacific, later today. Any questions you’d like to ask these gents?

[Runes of Magic]


  • Bleargh… looking through the class list of that game is so dull! Some of the concept art was nice, but everything to do with the actual game looks generic as all hell.

  • If you have a US / EU client you won’t be able to log in until it’s patched (should be in the next few hours apparently) there is however a workaround, have a sniff around their forums, it’s not hard to find if you care.

    Otherwise download the AU/NZ client (it’s smaller anyway) and have fun 😀

  • I played this game ages ago and it’s probably the best free to play game I’ve played. With Lord of the rings is free 2 play now as well, I’d have trouble deciding between the two.

  • I’m pleased with this. Haven’t played RoM in about half a year. But lower pings and a local community will be good. Logged on this morning and created a couple of characters. Yet to start playing though.

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