Awesome NES Coffee Table Up For Sale On eBay

Matt, the guy who built the stunning, giant-size Nintendo Entertainment System coffee table we showed you about a month ago, just listed his masterpiece on eBay. Bids open at $US400.

Besides one hell of a conversation starter, the coffee table includes some pretty smooth functionality, such as power outlets where the controller ports would be, and the power button does depress and lights up an LED.

The table does not come with the giant size NES gamepad, however. But that means its storage space - the cartridge bay - can be used for items like real controllers, TV remotes and what have you.

"I need to make room for my future projects so this thing has to go," Matt writes. The auction just opened; it closes on October 30.

Jumbo NES Coffee Table [eBay]


    I wonder what use he's got for the giant NES controller without a giant NES?? Hmmm

    Yep - i'm certainly impressed - don't think i would buy it though - it wouldn't really go with the decor..

    That is all kinds of awesome! I'd definately have one of those in my lounge

    yes, I agree with Gobbo. There is no point of giant controller with out Nes

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