Bar Girl Game Getting Anime

Video game Dream C Club lets players down virtual booze with girls in maid outfits, have them sing songs and, in the sequel, feed them bananas. Sounds like perfect fodder for an anime.

The game's characters are going to be adapted into a 3D anime for a two volume DVD/CD collection of in-game songs and music videos.

Volume 1 stars Dream C Club characters Amane and Setsu, and Volume 2 stars Airi and Mari. The volumes will be released this November.

This isn't the first 2D adaptation of Dream C Club. Previously, a manga version was released.

Xbox360『ドリームクラブ DREAM C CLUB』 キャラソンがミュージッククリップとなって発売決定 [今日もやられやく via ANN]


    I will never, ever understand this culture.

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