Bargain Hunter: iOS Games For Cheap

Over at Gizmodo, they've got a list of iOS games going for much cheaper. It sounds like a "surprise sale", and they're not sure when it'll finish. Some highlights include Osmos, Peggle, Myst, Red Alert and Mirror's Edge.

For only $1.19, you can pick up

• Classic titles Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition and Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge • The incredibly addictive Peggle • Wonderful puzzler Osmos • Doom II RPG • Civilization Revolution • Geometry Wars: Touch • And for sports fans, Tiger Woods PGA Tour

There are some good steals to be had in the $2.49 column as well:

• Command & Conquer: Red Alert • Doom Resurrection • Myst • Phantasy Star II • Star Wars: Trench Run • NCAA Football • Risk: The Official Game • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 • Mirror’s Edge


• Real Racing


• Final Fantasy I • Final Fantasy II

[As seen on Gizmodo]


    Mirror's Edge isn't on special for me. Think some of them are US only.

    picked up trench run :)

    I think most of these are US only.

    Some of Popcap's games are on sale though, I grabbed Bookworm (not Adventures sadly) for AU$1.19

    I got Spider, Archetype, Real Racing, NFS: Undercover, Zombie Infection, and Osmos.

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