Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Is $US15

In its continued attempt to get you to play military shooters that aren't Call of Duty, publisher EA is building the hype for this winter's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion. It costs $US15. It has four multiplayer maps. And?

And it has "true war dialogue," according to a press release issued today. That would be: "All-new voiceovers for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam war for maximum immersion."

It also has patrol boats, Russian tanks, Hueys, 15 weapons, 10 Achievements/Trophies and one new trailer that you can see here.

The expansion is set for a end-of-year release and will tack onto the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, allowing players to continue levelling up with the progress they've started achieving in the base game.

Medal of honour. Bad Company 2. EA's got a lot of war shooters. You weren't planning on playing some other war first-person-shooter soon, were you?


    that music is very suiting

      Yeah, but the difference is (cf. Medal of Honor) Bad Company 2 is actually GOOD. One of the most fun online shooter experiences to date, CoD included. For me, BFBC2 has set the bar this year, and we'll just have to see what Treyarch can muster for their next stab at CoD.

      Let's not forget, this isn't an Infinity Ward project, which I'd be much more giddy for at this point.

    Bad company has some damn fine multiplayer. $15 is nice but I'd rather they make more maps and do a new game .

      Most expansion packs are usually $40, I was wagering this to be $30 - how cheap are you to complain that its $15! That's a bargain! Esp. if you compare to what people got for $15 in the MW2 updates!

        You, sir, are what is wrong with the gaming industry today. Blind people will hand over money for overpriced expansions. You say $15US is good? For FOUR MAPS!?!?! Christ...
        You only pay $50US for the ENTIRE GAME!!

        With idiots handing money over happily every time a new map is released (ie CODMW2 map packs where they're actually charging for old recycled maps) the publishers just get more and more brazen! Good job SOME publishers (Valve) a) give DLC FREE as it initially was intended when it first started b) encourage community modding and make it easy/accessible for non-technical people to use it, so that there are a LOT of options for players rather than having to cough up when they're sick of the few maps that come with the game.

        Piss Poor effort on EA (and Activision with their franchises for that matter).

        God I hope I have the will power to not buy this. Or at least hold out until it's 75% off on Steam Xmas sales.

    BFBC1 was great, really in the tradition of the BattleField series. I'm afraid BFBC2, although ive played it a lot, is more like a CoD clone than ever.

    If they only made the huge maps that you could outflank and play tactically and not always go head to head with a 12yo with an AimBot it would be a great game.

    Im afraid Dice have lost their way with BFBC2, lets hope Vietnam goes back to the roots of the franchise.

    Awesome, glad to have another excuse to play this some more :) Happy its towards the end of the year too, plenty of time for Vegas and AC Brotherhood :)

    BBC2 is the best FPS on consoles at the moment.

    Screw CoD, screw MoH, screw everything else.

    Rock on for Vietnam!!!



    The videos never work for me.. Always unavailable.

    Reminds me of BF1943, but on a much bigger scale.....comes to think of it, why hasnt the PC version been released yet? seems pointless now with this being an exansion at the same price? for a popular game.

      much bigger only got half the amount of max players in a game!!

      Also, Im sick of corridor battlefields in Bad Company 2. Open up the maps goddamint

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