Best Paradox Of The Day

Medal of Honor error message as tweeted by @Hellchick and as screencapped by @Rydog.


    Medal of Honour - You can never leave...

      Is it a metaphore for war?

      You might leave... but you never really leave it behind?

        "Last thing I remember, I was
        Running for the door
        I had to find the passage back
        To the place I was before
        'Relax,' said the night man,
        'We are programmed to receive.
        You can check-out any time you like,
        But you can never leave!' "

          Hotel California <3

            exactly what i thought...


    as funny as that is, if you think about it, It makes perfect sense

    It's funny, but it's not really a paradox because it makes sense, he obviously wasn't logged in but he clicked the "Log out" button anyway. You can't log out of something if your not even logged in, in the first place.

      What tickles me is that someone had to design that error message.

        That's what i thought :p

    Pure LOL.

    Haha. I love these error messages. They're certainly not uncommon.

    @Matt: The paradox is primarily in the second sentence, "Please log in to log out." There is no logical reason to log in if you're going to log out immediately thereafter.

      it might not make sense but its not technically a paradox.

      A paradox is something that is at the same time true and not true. The statement "You must be logged in to log out" is true. It's coincidental (not ironic).

    YO DAWG...

    How can he get I'm to somewhere where he can log out without having logged in? That is the question!

    I think the paradox is the fact that the "Logout" button is always there as an option. You'd think it would only be an option until you're actually logged on.

    That's not really a paradox.

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