Beyond Good & Evil In High Definition Looks Like...This

The good news? Beyond Good & Evil is getting a high definition makeover on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The better news? Here are the game's first screenshots.

I'm glad Ubisoft has resisted the urge to mess with stuff. Sure, Jade's lips and outfit were kinda stupid even all the way back in 2003, but it's a French game. That's just part of the charm.


    Looks great, which is good because there are graphical and framerate problems when running on windows 7 that are not easily fixed.

      PC port of BG&E doesn't proper widescreen support, too. Stretches if you try to play in anything other than 4:3.

    This is great news. I picked this game up for original Xbox when it was already cheap, having heard some good things here and there, and it was really worth more than I paid for it. Quite an accessible game that still succeeds in having a good story and interesting gameplay. I'm sure I'll have to grab a copy when it's released (I assume it'll be a DL on XBL).

      I wouldn't count on that. All these other HD remakes of last gen games (including Ubisoft's e.g. Splinter Cell, PoP) seem to be coming on disc. Of course those others all seem to be in collections of 2 or 3 so if this is standalone then there's a chance it'd be a download.

      On the issue of Splinter Cell and PoP, are they coming to 360 as well? All the talk of HD remakes seems to have centred around Sony so far, but this one coming to 360 suggests that Ubi's others would too.

        Nope, they're promising a PSN/XBLA release - at least for BGaE...

        And I'm not surprised that MS are getting on the re-release bandwagon - it's the publishers' version of 'money for old rope', there's a lot of profit to be made there and MS aren't about to let Sony have it all (while simultaneously reminding gamers that PS2 ruled last gen). And I actually quite like it as a trend, it allows a whole new generation of gamers experience some classics without having to get around the graphics gap between today and 10 years ago.

          Ahh the old graphics are part of the fun! Teach those whippersnappers what it was like back in the day when a womans breasts could put your eye out and she was the same brightness whether the lights were on or off.

          Or go even further back and show them the strippers in duke nukem 3d and say "Antialiasing? Pah, in MY day we had women that looked like blow up dolls made out of lego and they'd leave great gouges in your knob if you tried shagging them!"

    Been looking for this ever since I lent my copy to someone and never got it back.

    Green lipstick suits Jade.

    But yep, I'm looking forward to playing this. I've tried the PC version on and off, but shocking controls and ugly stretched 4:3 are pretty offputting.

    Thank you Ubisoft, i missed it when it first came out. Greatly anticipating this

    While fantastic news, I hope this doesn't mean that BG+E 2 is dead.

    Be nice for the pc version to also get this treatment.

      I looked at the screenshots and it essentially looked like screenshots from the PC version :\
      The PC version could already run in high resolutions, just not widescreen from memory (unless there was a hack)

    Ooh... purdy...

    They don't seem to look particularly different to how I remember it looking on GameCube.

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