Big Changes On The Way For Minecraft

Minecraft, the surprise hit of 2010, is a fairly simple title, happy to leave you to your own devices as you dig, build and die. In the months to come, that's about to change.

Creator Markus "Notch" Persson has told Develop that big changes are on the way for the game in both its singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

"I think there's a huge potential in competitive multiplayer modes like capture the flag and so on, which should keep people – including myself – interested for a long time," he says.

"For the singleplayer game and co-op game, I plan on adding some kind of overarching narrative to the game to drive the player forward and provide a sense of direction, and add many more new features, like monster towns and alchemy."

A narrative? Monster towns? It's amazing that these kind of things can just be bolted onto an existing game and it can accommodate them. Then again, it's precisely that kind of open-ended flexibility that's made the game so popular in the first place.

Interview: The Minecraft man [Develop]


    id love for it to be a bit like fallout or bioshock with just notes left to read

    I think itd be amazing if electricity was added in the game, so much more potential. Just think of it, cant be bothered to find anymore coal for torches, go mine mateirals needed for electricity and make some lights. Or maybe make a fridge to store food.

      Ummm, redstone IS electricity.

    I don't know about this... The game might be ruined if they try to copy the mechanics of other games. It is special because it is different. I don't want to play competitive mp on minecraft... I just want to explore and build, and avoid the bad guys. A bad guy town would be kind of cool though...

      Then, uh, don't log onto a competitive multi-player server?

      So don't play the optional game-mode then.

    My pc sh*t itself yesterday so won't even boot. No more minecraft for me for a while. Sucks.

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