BioShock Infinite In Four New Screens

Irrational Games, the people behind the BioShock in the sky coming in 2012, have released four new screens of the upcoming BioShock Infinite that might feel a tad familiar. You've seen these people, place and things before, but not from these angles.

You may have seen these things in gameplay video, perhaps in the game's trailer or in one of our BioShock Infinite previews. We've got a long wait ahead of us for BioShock Infinite's appearance on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, so expect to be very familiar with the floating world of Columbia by 2012.


    This looks like Bioshock 1 & 2 with an extreme make-over. Sure, it looks different on the outside, but the core elements still have problems. I can already smell the bull-shite hype coming out of Ken Levines mouth like with Biochock 1.

      Elaborate Trevor, please.

        More specifically, in regards to original Bioshock 1, Levine said they where embarking on an ambitious goal of "redefining what it means to be a FPS"
        While BS1 was very pretty and fun - if you look at it in the context of the what he said they where trying to achieve, it failed in several aspects of gameplay (lack of strategy, lack of defence techniques, no sense of threat and feeling to conserve ammo and health etc) thus not really living up to their hype of redefining the genre - a real step backwards in my opinion.

        So far, it looks very similar and hasnt really addressed the main issues in gameplay (watch the scenes where the player shoots at all the enemies - absolutely no strategy, just shoot and hope you kill them)

        I think it will be a very nice looking game, and a cool story, but i just cant stand the guys use of large covabulary to hype the game up.

      Yes trevor, it has already been well established that Infinite will look very different while keeping the core elements. Why is that a bad thing? What was wrong with the core elements of Bioshock?

    I'm looking forward to it. Started Bioshock again the other night, trying to do a few things a bit differently this time. Like get all the plasmids, tonics, journals and weapon upgrades. I love it all over again!

    whatever misgivings you might feel about the franchise, you must give Levine credit for taking risks. Kinda like looking glass studios *tears up*

    Gorgeous screens.

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