Blizzard Says Valve's DOTA Trademark 'Doesn't Seem Right'

Defence of the Ancients Allstars was a Warcraft III mod. Now, Valve is trying to trademark the name. That doesn't sit very well with Blizzard, the developers of Warcraft III.

"To us, that means that you're really taking it away from the Blizzard and Warcraft III community and that just doesn't seem the right thing to do," Blizzard's Rob Pardo told Eurogamer.

"[We feel]a little bit of confusion, to be honest. Certainly, DOTA came out of the Blizzard community... It just seems a really strange move to us that Valve would go off and try to exclusively trademark the term considering it's something that's been freely available to us and everyone in the Warcraft III community up to this point."

"Valve is usually so pro mod community. It's such a community company that it just seems like a really strange move to us... I really don't understand why [they would do it] , to be honest."

Well, you do. It's because Valve's game, unlike the mod, is a retail product that will sell for money, so a trademark is needed. But we get your point. Just because it's needed doesn't make it kosher.

Valve is already facing a battle in its attempts to trademark the name, with one of DOTA's creators filing a competing trademark in an attempt to retain some sense of ownership over the brand. Which, considering most people want a community-created project to remain something for a community and not for someone to own, is probably missing as much of the point as Valve's own actions.

Valve shouldn't trademark DOTA - Blizzard [Eurogamer]


    Its really still just team icefrog (or whatever they call themselves)that's just been assimilated into Valve.

    the thing is that with valve that even though they own the rights to something it still feels like its a community thanks to their awesome mod support

    Left 2 Die.

    Double standards ho.

      That would only be the case if Blizzard trademarked the name and sold it off as either a mod or an entirely new game. LAWYER'D!

    Not right.
    Valve shouldn't be allowed to do this.

    The name belongs to al the original creators of the DOTA game....if they all said to Valve sure you can take the name this would be ok.
    Valve is wrong to bully the creators out of the name they created.

    Icefrog is only the latest developer of DOTA, if he wants to develop another DOTA for mone he can go get everyone else who started it and aproach valve....not go solo and try to claim the loots.

    people are forgetting. BLIZZARD DIDN"T MAKE DOTA. so blizard can stfu. if they wanted to say DotA was theirs, they should have trademarked it first. Their fault for missing an opportunity.

      No one is saying Blizzard has the right of ownership, and neither are they. They are stating they think that what Valve is doing is a bit 'iffy' as DOTA has such a strong link with Warcraft 3.

      The only thing people are saying is that Dota belongs to the developers of the mod....and more importantly, the name belongs to who ever came up with it first.

    It would be smart for Valve to license the trademark for use to describe the Warcraft 3 mod.

    People are going to keep on referring to the mod by that name, so it would be better to make that a licensed use of the mark rather than something that will weaken the mark.

    All things being equal though, I don't think Blizzard should have any interest in the mark: that should lie with the mod's developers. What is unclear is whether the relevant developers have transferred their interest to Valve.

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