Blizzard To Release StarCraft II Mods 'Left 2 Die', 'StarJeweled'

StarCraft II players will get four officially sanctioned mods for the real-time strategy title created by Blizzard, new map types that turn the sci-fi war game into a Bejeweled-like puzzler, a co-op survival game and a DotA-style multiplayer scenario.

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime announced at Blizzcon 2010 today that four new mods are coming to Auir Chef (yes, that's "chef"), Left 2 Die, StarJeweled and Blizzard DotA. Auir Chef combines cooking and killing in a battle for the title of "Executor Chef." StarJeweled adds gem-matching gameplay to the energy gathering, troop building mechanics of StarCraft II.

Left 2 Die adds a "new co-op take on the StarCraft II campaign mission 'Outbreak'" and Blizzard DotA - which may actually be known as Blizzard All-Stars - appears to be an outer space spin on the popular WarCraft III mode, defence of the Ancients.

All four mods are playable at this weekend's BlizzCon and will be released to the StarCraft II community, for free, via in the coming months.


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