BlizzCon 2010 Cosplay Blowout Part Two: Trolling For Chicks

See, they're trolls, and they are female, get it? No? Just check out the second and final BlizzCon 2010 cosplay gallery, packed with the three W's: Wizards, warriors, and Waldo.

Since the costume contest is on Friday, most folks use that day for costumes, reverting to street clothes for day two. That's why we've only got a little over 30 pictures today, as opposed to yesterday's 50. Don't worry; what we've sacrificed in quantity we've made up for with sheer Waldo.


    I think the best cosplay was the guy with the ICC Gunship Rocket backpack. It was fantastic.

    And for every cute girl cosplay there were 1000 salivating fat ruddy nerds.

    Damn I wish there were more cute female cosplayers :'( <3

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