Breaking News: Krome Studios To Close?

Breaking News: Krome Studios To Close?

Reports on Twitter and some news out of the Games Connect: Asia Pacific conference seem to suggest that Krome Studios will close its doors this Monday.

Krome underwent some redundancies in August, and initially, writes Tsumea, rumours stated that there would be another round today, before reports became more serious.

Sadly, it now seems that the entire studio will close, with some of the staff being rehired as contractors to finish off any outstanding work.

Our condolences to everyone involved at Krome.

Krome Studios to close doors on Monday, contractors will continue work [Tsumea]


  • And POW another company bites it. 🙁 Its really sad to see these closures left right and center. I know I would be worried if my kids wanted to go into game design in Australia, seems they would never move out of home…
    Goodluck for the future any kromies reading this 🙂

  • why is it that the australian games industry is suffering so badly? some of the biggest studios in the world right now are in canada which is similar sized economy to australia so why is australia having so many problems?

    • There are several reasons – but the main one is that the Government pumps money into the industry, and people get to keep their jobs. Out government instead pumps our money into the mining corporations, and would you look at that – they’re thriving.

    • Government support. Makes games in Canada and get a discount or something. I guess I can give up on getting a job….ever.

  • Horrible news for one of our more prominent developers.

    Our film industry receives government finance, why can’t the games/software industry which is worth more?

  • Working at krome for 10 years and leaving before it got this bad, i would love to tell you why i think it failed. maybe after the dust settles…. My heart goes out to all the kromens, Most of you guys worked your asses of and deserve much much more.

  • Well that’s a pile of poo.

    I wonder if our exploding dollar has anything to do with it. Apparently it affects exporters and, I assume, the cheapness of foreign companies using local labour.

    • It certainly paid a part. A publisher used to be able to give us a 2 million budget to a team but when it came time to pay they only had to pay roughly 1 million USD (because of the exchange rate). They love us for cheap workers.

  • Incredibly disappointing news. A few years back the industry seemed to be thriving, and I was studying Game Art at TAFE. Next thing you know, Ratbag gets bought out and shut down, and it was basically all downhill from there. The Australian games industry seems to have fallen to its knees, as far as bigger development companies are concerned. It’s an absolute shame.

  • i think it could of been due to poor selection and choices in what content they made.

    but no is sure to know unless it comes from krome

    anyways its speculation atm isnt it ?

  • It’s a shame. Most of the guys working in the industry in Australia work extremely hard. From people i know, they are busting their arses over 60 hours a week – without payed compensation.

    It would be nice if the government could help finance the industry, but it doesnt look like that would happen. Instead they would rather waste 50+ billion on an broadband network which will be outdated in 10 years time, and waste time talking about supposed ‘man-made climate change’ – when all humans will be extinct in 10 thousand years anyway when the next ice age comes along.

  • 2K Marin/Australia should snap’em up – their working on XCOM at the moment! I gota say, I hated Tye the Tasmanian tiger, but GameRoom was a cool idea…

  • Blade kitten killed Krome.

    What were they thinking with that game.

    Sorry about the loss of jobs but the studio really did make crap games.

  • The truth is that Krome is still alive but smaller. This source came from the founder it self Space Caption Steve. And I ask Steve trought deviant art, so Krome has beaten up by the ecomoy in Australia but it’s not down for the count!

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