Browse The Entire Rock Band Music Library In This Post

In honour of the release of Rock Band's 2000th song, Harmonix has released a handy widget that lets you browse the entire Rock Band library from inside a blog post. For instance, this one.

Jimi Hendrix's "Are you Experienced?" is the 2000th song to hit Rock Band in the past several years. That's a lot of music, and looking up titles on the Wikipedia page just isn't cutting it anymore. Harmonix's new Rock Band Music Finder widget is here to help. Navigate, search and sort all 2000+ songs in the library from right here.

Isn't that convenient?


    Huh... I never knew they allowed listening to songs through their site via Rhapsody. Time to start up the US proxy again.

    Wow, so with Xbox Marketplace I can browse all those songs and purchase/shop from my PC.

    Do this with Playstation?? Nooooo. Gawd they're behind the times.

    You know you're too picky with music when you only like about a dozen of those songs...

    This widget is approved, they just need to clean up the formatting abit though...

    and perhaps a forum version of it also.

    Anybody else find it insulting that the very first song on the list is one that we can't get, because we don't have access to the Rock Band Network? Not that I want that particular song, but that's besides the point.

    Reading this article sent me out to investigate and it seems that I may be able to use RBN if I just go create a fake US XBL account. Why didn't I ever think of that before? Going to be buying some Flight of the Conchords when I get home if this works!

      Ummm we do have access to the Rock band Network Songs. For those clever few who imported Rock Band 2 that is. I don't understand why you haven't imported it though, it's clear we aren't getting the second one seeing as the third one comes out in a few weeks.

        I tend to agree with him though, just in a slightly different way... The fact remains I can purchase content from our LOCAL ONLINE store fronts (PSN/Live) from/for the Rock Band Network.

        In saying that, to use this content you require Rock Band 2, something that isn't available in this country.

        So it is insulting that EA sits that showing us content we can't use if we haven't imported... I would love to see some stats on the amount of people that has been tricked out by this and if they actually got their money back.

        Not if we don't own an XBOX version of RB2.

      Here's a hot tip -

      Step 1:
      Step 2: Search "Rock Band 2"
      Step 3: Find a Pal version from UK/EU and click "Buy it Now"
      Step 4: Wish to yourself that you had done this a long time ago
      Step 5: Ignore steps 1-4 and just get Rock Band 3 next week!

        So We'll be able to purchase every song in the Rock Band Network using the Australian version of Rock Band 3?

      I imported it from the UK in early 2009 so you don't have to tell me about that part :)

      I must be a total n00b though, because I can't work out how to download RBN songs. Have any of you actually succeeded in doing that? I try to go to the store with my usual gamertag and it says "Unable to connect to the Rock Band Network Store... it may indicate that your gamer profile originates from a country that does not currently support XNA content." But if I log in as my newly created US profile, no problemo!

        You just need to download the songs with a US gamertag. I started by making a US Hotmail account first and using that to register my gamertag at

        Then buy some US MSP at a site like and buy whatever RBN songs you like. The songs will work when you're signed in with your Australian gamertag.

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