Bulletstorm's Box Art Kicks You In The Face With Colour

The bright and colourful North American box art for Epic's Bulletstorm is a boot to the head of those more serious first-person shooters.

It's these bright colours that draw me to Bulletstorm. I have no problem traversing the dreary grey and brown worlds of games like Resistance, Killzone or Epic's own Gears of War. I just need a nice splash of colour now and then. Games like Team Fortress 2, Monday Night Combat and now Bulletstorm take me back to the good old days, back before everything got so gritty and realistic.


    Anyone noticed that all the faces look retarded?
    What's up with that dudes teeth

      And that arm, it almost looks like it's on the wrong way

      It's like Rob Liefeld drew this or something

    Thay go to super dark to super colorful and bright...damned extremists lol

    I'm a bit sick of posters or artwork that contain the generic orange and blue colour scheme.

    You people complain alot, not even constructive criticism.

    Looks like a modern take on an old 80's action movie poster to me. Pretty cool, gets the idea of the game across.

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