Call Him 'Doughnut Eater' Again, Punky

Not that I'm an expert in law enforcement policy, but Crecente and I are former cops reporters, and if the po-po PITted a McLaren MP4-12C going more than 160km/h in oncoming traffic, there'd be some badges on some desks.

Then again, "Need For Speed: High Speed Pursuit Not Authorised" isn't a title that would move a lot of video games. And fortunately this is the fictitious Seacrest County, home of both the fastest street racers and, apparently, the lowest traffic density of any major metropolitan area in North America. It also has the most elite traffic enforcement officers in the world. It must be a hell of a thing when getting put on road patrol is a promotion.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is out November 16


    heh, last of the V12 interceptors?

    Great video presentation of the next NFS game.
    I'm very excited to play it!

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