Call Of Duty: Black Ops Achievement 'Leak' Is Spoiler City

The next big Call of Duty game has just had much of its single-player game spoiled, thanks to an early look at the shooter's list of achievements and trophies. What do Black Ops' achievements tell us about Treyarch's war game?

(Perhaps too much. Stop reading now if you would prefer to keep Black Ops' locations, plot points and still unannounced modes a secret. OK? OK.)

We already knew about Call of Duty: Black Ops' zombie mode, so that's not a surprise. But Dead Ops Arcade? That's listed separately from the zombie-based gameplay and pits players, at some point, against a Cosmic Silverback. Other achievements related to a location known as Rebirth Island might explain what that involves, since simian killing factors into the achievement "I Hate Monkeys."

While Call of Duty fans may already know about the game's international destinations, including Vietnam and Russia, it appears we'll also be visiting Hong Kong.

It appears that only one achievement may be related to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer. To unlock "Gamblin' Fool", players will have to take part in the game's new Wager Mode.

There are still a few secret achievements, potentially serious spoilers, that are listed as "Classified." If you're curious, read all about it at Planet Call of Duty.

Black Ops Achievement List [Planet Call of Duty]


    Hopefully there's an achievement for NOT running around with dual shotguns...

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