Call Of Duty: Black Ops Hero Is Not The Strong, Silent Type

Treyarch and Activision have been relatively quiet on the singleplayer side of Call of Duty: Black Ops. But it appears Alex Mason, the main protagonist of the next Call of Duty, will have a lot to say.

The developers of Black Ops have made a "very deliberate choice" to make Mason a more verbose, more emotionally connective character than made of his mute (and often disposable) Call of Duty predecessors. The more loquacious Mason, the AP reports, has presented technical challenges for developer Treyarch, "because of the game's free-roaming nature" and its "time-hopping script".

Treyarch's Dave Anthony says players "will see how Mason's relationships with the other characters in the game change" as players progress through the campaign.

Mason, the AP says, is likely voiced by Avatar actor Sam Worthington, an addition to the cast that Activision has not yet confirmed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops fans should be wary of potentially light spoilers at the AP's report, which is loaded with more detail about the game's single-player story mode.

'Call of Duty: Black Ops' expands protagonist role [Yahoo News]



    Alec Mason was here, he want's his name back.

    He's not kidding around either, he's got his ostrich hammer and is ready to lay the smack down

      Agreed, what's with that? Did they not know or just not care. I thought it was a little strange to have 2 games out at about the same time with protagonists named Alex Mason and Alex Mercer, but this is just dumb.
      Excuse me while I go make an RPG with a character called Duke Nukem and an RTS with JC Denton.

        really get over it

        So they had games with the same names

        odds are the names were picked before the release date and as if 2 companies are gonna get together and say oh you want the AM fine we'll change everything just for you

        Alex mason to us might mean nothing but to someone out in the real world the character may be named after them

        plus some people attribute certain qualities and attributes to name's in a kind of stereotyping and maybe they wanted that for a reason

        or maybe they just thought it sounded cool

    Verbose player character in a Call of Duty game? My body is ready.

    "MORE GOLD FOR ACTIVISION'S COFFERS... oh, did I say that out loud?"

      "Headshot! Take that Brutal Legend!"

      "I'm not a prick!"

    If Worthington is in it, here's hoping he's actually portraying an Australian - I can't take any more of that weird Aussie/American accent he showed off in Avatar.

      Ah yes, the "Greg Norman".
      horrible. Bana is almost as bad.

        Proposed solution: Hugh Jackman should be the lead actor in everything. Ever.

          Agreed, and Hugo Weaving.
          Any Australian actor starting with H.

    Can't be as bad as Americans doing Australian accents in the movies.

      Scottish accents are worse. No-one can do them properly.

        *puts on best COnnery accent*

        I'll have a ham and cheese shammwich

    If only it was set back in CoD MW with voice acting.


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