Call Of Duty: Black Ops 'Little Known' Multiplayer Facts

Treyarch is declassifying information on Call of Duty: Black Ops' many multiplayer features, offering a quick briefing on the online half of the game a few weeks before launch. For example, did you know that Black Ops supports split-screen online multiplayer?

Oh, you did? That's why Treyarch community guy Josh Olin is calling these "little-known facts", not something else. But there are also fresh details on Call of Duty: Black Ops' in-game friends list, its regional matchmaking system that lets you play globally and locally, and its enhanced party privacy settings, ensuring that no unwanted noobs join your party.

Olin also delves into the fully customisable Black Ops Custom Games Editor.

"Players will have the ability to structure their games at all new levels of granularity," Olin writes. "From variables as simple as Time Limit and Score Limit, or as deep as which weapons, Perks, and gear are available. You want a Pistols Only match? Make one! No longer do custom game modes rely on the 'honour system'."

Good. No one likes the honour system. Black Ops custom games setting can also be shared and downloaded by other members of the community, which sounds like a nice option to have.

More details at the

Little-Known Facts: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer for PS3 []


    After MW2 I wasn't to sure about the Call Of Duty series mainly because of the terrible spawn system, lots of explosives and about every second match deciding to pair me up with Americans or people that I have a horrible connection to. But I guess Black Ops is changing all this, so far my only concern is the quick scoping thing.

    I don't see all the hate for it and I don't really see why Treyarch wants to ban/stop it. It's not overpowered like OMA and it's not really annoying like camping. It's just some guy trying to get in close with a long range weapon and if knifing is anything like it was in MW2 than quick scoping won't be a problem.

      slight of hand pro doesn't effect snipers so it will be harder to quick scope but not impossible

        Yeah I think the scope in time was changed to .4 seconds from 0.3 (Sleight of hand pro from MW2. So it won't be impossible just slightly harder.

      5~10 one hit kills with a 2-3 second reload time? Tell me that's not overpowered. I don't know if you've played MW2 recently, but quickscopers are plaguing the lobbies. They can use them effectively long range AND close range which makes every other weapon redundant, except the sniper rifle.

      Yes it is amazing that they're timing is perfect, but let's also remember that at close range (specifically on consoles) quickscoping relies on aim assist, effectively allowing them to shoot a dead straight bullet with the help of MW2's targeting system (W/E you want to call it.)

      It is overpowered to quickscope, and I for one am inlove with the fact that they're effeictively removing the ability to use the sniper rifle at close range.

        You make it sound like that they can hit you 100% of the time and that they will always win in a close range fight. Personally if they can out shoot an assault rifle or SMG at medium to close range than they can have the kill, because they obviously out shot me. And yes on consoles the aim-assist is incredibly heavy but the sniper should only get 2 shots off at maximum before they're dead because every other gun in MW2 can kill them if they have the chance to go for another.

      like Treyarch have said, sniper rifles are never meant to be used in close range, not to mention you wouldnt find a scout or sniper running up close with them. They are inteded to shoot targets at a far distance as well as OHK, with its disadvantage being it only effective at a long distance.

      If you look at videos of quickscoping its also not very hard to get usd to. left-right-left-scope-shoot for beginners. I like how Treyarch are doin waht IW never did, and that was to make an equal balance between weapons and combat the poor matchmaking system in MW2. only thing i want is a decent spawn system, and MW2 is obsolete.

    Good to hear, customisation of gametypes in FPS is always welcome, and really should be more standard. Seems like Halo is one of the few that have really begun putting those kinds of features in, before that I think the best game to have it was probably Perfect Dark, and that's going back a fair way.

    MW2 put in the system of letting you make your own classes to take into multiplayer which was very welcome, but seeing as it was tied to levelling and unlocks like the online it meant that the majority of players would probably never get to unlock most of the guns for split screen, as they wouldn't play it nearly as much as online.

    Huray!!!!!!!!!!!! REGIONS!!!!!!!!!

    but you still need to pay to play on your own server dont u

    I really can't wait for this.....I am such a COD fanboy >.<

    Why do we need a "regional matchmaking system"? What's wrong with server browsers?

      I think you'll find this is for the PS3 version according to the link....

      We do get browsers on PC :D

    Local search... thats why I love you Treyarch :D

    SPLITSCREEN! awesome- i really hope its 4 player online split screen... getting a bunch of mates around and playing is so much fun!

    splitscreen will make it easier for noobs to boost...

    I assume the currency system will be disabled for custom matches?

    how do you turn off the time limit on call of duty black ops and how do you make the kill limit higher i have the game and i can not figure it out do you have to be on line to do all that or no????

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