Caption This!

Got a witty caption for this screenshot of Enslaved, released this week? Leave it in the comments below!


    the obvious caption?

    "..and THIS is my BOOMSTICK!"

    Nathan Drake wants his broken bridge back!

    And this is why we are never meant to shine laser pointers into someones face.

    BOOM! Headshot!


    there are some who call me..... tim

    "Mine is THIS long!"

    If you know what I mean...

    With that little pole?! He wouldn't be able to hit the side of a ...!

    Born from an egg on a mountain top
    The punkiest monkey that ever popped

    Silly Monkey! You think that's enough to kill Andy Serkis?

    I think he's overcompensating fir something.

    Och, They're gon't a hafta glue you back together. In HELL!

    From the makers of the Fing-Longer comes...

    The Sabe-Lighter...

    Fing-longer is a Futurama reference to an over sized finger that the professor had to reach things that were a bit far away... this is funny to me!

    So, that towel at the back is covering my butt crack right?


    Can you stop these expolsions, I am trying to sink the eight ball and it is making it really hard to see.

      hehehe... that was my second idea, something as simple as...

      Black ball, corner pocket!

    "Grow stick ... Grow again stick ... Grow nice and large again for King Monkey!"

    "Someone order the spud gun of death?"

    The "Massive Red Spliff" power-up was super effective.

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