Caption This!

Got a witty caption for this screenshot of Enslaved, released this week? Leave it in the comments below!


    They said this laser light was powerful, but dang!

    Enslave THIS!

    "8-ball, corner pocket."

    Laser Javelin was a controversial inclusion for the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010. After 17 fatalaties associated with the sport during this competition alone, officials estimate it will not make a comeback in Glasgow 2014.

      Yeah... I don't think that would really stop it appearing in Glasgow of all places.

    You can't be afraid to dream a little bigger...

    Hit me with your rhythem stick!

    ...the suspect was later charged after failing to notice the warning sign reading 'aim away from face'...

    Post apocalyptic laser pointers...a prankster's wet dream.

    It was about time the monkey king realise he could use magic to fire magic bolts with his staff

    Monkey narrowly avoids another pole to the face.

    Ski-di-li-di-di-die Potatoes!

    Rejected submission from "how to make the commonwealth games interesting"- Laser Javelin

    Some men ARE bigger than others!

    Who needs the insect repellent?

    That's not a wand. THIS is a wand!


    "This is my staff, this is my gun.
    This is for fighting, this is for fun"

    The DSi XL stylus was cumbersome but effective.

    "Now that's why you shouldn't reflect a laser pointer in someone's eye... especially when they're cross eyed.."

    And this kids, is why we never let monkey break in pool!

    Let's see the original Monkey do THIS!!

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