Caption This!

Got a witty caption for this screenshot of Enslaved, released this week? Leave it in the comments below!


    imma firin' ma lazor. done.

    Behold! The world's largest laser pointer!

    That's not a laser pointer. This is a laser pointer!

    Breaking News: Man who flashed laser at plane was 'messing around'

    Let THAT be a lesson to the rest of you birds!!

    Who else wants to shit on my Prius??

    screenshot from upcoming game.

    portal 3: "the cake is in a different ruins"

    And if you look to your left, you will see the rare "Explosion" in its natural habitat.

    Noob Tube

    I kaboom in your general direction

    "i didn't know it could do i need to get out more"

    "New from Danoz Direct! A telescope that also doubles as a rocket launcher! Handy for everyday use whether it be fishing out at sea or seeing your gf cheating on you"

    I cant believe anyone's said this.


    Magic Wishing Staff 2.0

    For all its technical brilliance and fast pace action American McGee's remake of Drawn to Life never took off with parents or 5 year olds

    Compensating for something? Nope, don't know what you're talking about.

    reminds me of that detachable song....

    Buddhism. You are doing it wrong.

    "And this is how my new jumbo version of pool plays!"

    Where's the pew pew pew?


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