Castlevania And PES 2011

Bad news folks.

We just got the quick heads up from Mindscape that both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, which were due for release this Thursday have now been delayed until Tuesday, October 19.

No specific reason was given for the delay, but we'll hopefully get more details soon.

UPDATE: According to the guys at Mindscape the delay is a result of "unforseen delays in importing freight." However, they've reassured us that both titles will definitely make it to store by the 19th.


    Please tell me it's because they are specially shipping a small number of European Collector's Editons for Castlevania!

    That would be fantastic news!

    One site will solve your problem.... Play-asia

    I've been playing Castlevania since Friday night... FYI Hard mode is VERY hard I must have died 50 times a level.

      personally I'm not worried about the delay, as I have plenty of other games to fill the gap...

      but I'm after the EU Collector's Edition, which GAME UK are the only ones that seem to have it.

    got it this morning, no fret -

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