Celebrate Uncharted 2's 1st Birthday In Multiplayer

Uncharted 2's studio is running a 24-hour One-Year Anniversary Event in the game's multiplayer beginning in about five-and-a-half-hours, offering five playlist favourites, quintupled cash payouts with no cash cap, and an exclusive anniversary Nathan Drake multiplayer skin.

Not only that, you'll likely spot one of the more than 30 Naughty Dog staff members, representing all of the developer's departments, running around online. You can tell they're official staff if they have a red paw next to their PSN ID displayed in-game. No paw, not a Dog.

The playlists comprise the "Best of The Lab" and will rotate through these five variants: Shotguns Only; Plunder Pistols Only; No Power Weapons; Desert-5 Shootout; Deathmatch – No Boosters. They'll be played on these four maps: The Plaza; The Sanctuary; The Temple; The Train Wreck.

Again, this is the day to grind for that prestige level as not only is 5x cash being awarded, there is no cap on your earnings. As for the Nathan Drake skin, it's available only tomorrow. Once the clock hits midnight PDT, it's gone - but if you play at least one match with it tomorrow, Naughty Dog says it will be reactivated in your profile "early next week."

<a href="http://www.naughtydog.com/site/post/uncharted_2_one_year_anniversa.../">Uncharted 2 One Year Anniversary Event Details! [Naughty Dog]


    Haven't played with one of the Dogs, and I played something like 20 matches :(

    Still, I went from 24 to 32 :D

    It was awesome but I couldn't use the Anniversary skin so I prob won't get it... :(

    I went from total uncharted 2 multiplayer Noob level 1 to Level 14. A mic would have been cool. Where is the cheapest place to get a PS3 mic?

    Some one on the whirlpool forum said they played with a dog, I mean a naughty dog employer, they had a paw print above their name which denotes the fact:

    We just had a marathon session (20+ games) with a lovely ND Dev who was an artist and designed some of the artwork for some of the levels (The museum, The temple etc) He was super nice, and when we asked him questions about Uncharted 3 he replied "huh? What? Uncharted 3... what are you guys talking about ;)" but he did mention that they are working on "a" new game, and we'll get it when we get it. (very exciting )

    Aww crap! This is what you get for completing the Red Dead Redemption story mode last week and switching to multiplayer.

    /me wonders if it'll still be running when he gets home tonight...

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