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Wow. We did not see that one coming. When I first laid my fragile virgin eyes upon Splatterhouse at E3 my first thought was, "there's no way in the bluest of blue hells we'll get that past the classification board". But here it is, in all its glory, with an MA15+ rating. Good times. This game actually features a fair amount of violence, so we're guessing Namco Bandai did a pretty decent job of explaining why said gore is contextual!

Actually, now that we think about it, this week is loaded with the red stuff: Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition gets an M, Quake Arena Arcade receives an MA15+, and Warriors: Legends of Troy also gets an MA15+.

Check out the rest below.

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition (Cyanide) M Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Gameloft) M Mindjack (Square Enix) MA15+ Quake Arena Arcade (id) MA15+ Warriors: Legends of Troy (Tecmo Koei) MA15+ Invizimals Shadow Zone (Novarama) PG Arcania: Gothic 4 (Spellbound) M Dance Paradise (Smackdown) M Magical Drop II (Data East) PG Modern Combat: Domination (Gameloft) M Motionsports (Ubisoft) G Splatterhouse (Namco Bandai) MA15+


    Ill be more suprized if we get DNF completely unedited. but god damn it we need a full overhaul of our classification system

    What a great week for classification! Fantastic news to me!!

    I'll certainly be getting the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. I haven't played the current remditions, and heard a lot of mixed reviews, but hopefully a lot of the gripes have been nicely patched up resulting in what could be a great game. I'm just happy it will be coming with basically all the teams!

    Good job to Splatterhouse getting through too - how's that for a surprise! :D

    Gee, the board must be in a good mood.
    Let's push as much stuff as we can.

    Duke Nukem, Never Dead, The Original LFD2... any thing else that we think's going to get banned?

    I just checked the OFLC page before reading this (I've been keeping an eye out), the version submitted says "modified".

      So does Bloodbowl, though.

      All modified means is that they submitted more than one version.

      99% of the time, this just means that an incomplete version was submitted initially for review, and then the final 'gold' version of the game was submitted at a later date. I remember hearing that this was the case for Splatterhouse.

        Cool, I hope you're right, because I've been checking regularly and I haven't seen a submission listed before this one. Save me the effort of going through Play-Asia, but I may wait for confirmation of bleeding anuses before I go local (I saw that screenshot and thought no way are we getting this game).

          If they withdrew their submission before the Classification Board made a decision, how would you know?

          The online classification database only tells you about decisions the board has made. If no decision was made, then there would be no record.

          With our dollar sitting sky-high at the moment you might still want to go the Play-Asia route just to save some cash, though.

    Awesome news. I suppose Splatterhouse's violence is so absurd and fantastical that it passes...

    What's the point of having a classification board? We might as well just rate everything G and save ourself the time and money to rate games. I'm honestly quite appalled at what they let through at MA15+.

    maybe before getting excited about a game "in all its glory" you should check out the ofcl and notice that the submitted version has been modified as crotchdot has pointed out:


    Glace to hear that Splatterhouse is rated but when is it coming?

    When has a game been banned in Australia based purely on it being hyper violent? If that was the case then Mad World would have been banned before Splatterhouse (impaling enemies rectum first on rusty spikes?)

    When games are banned in Australia it is almost always due to being in poor taste in context (eg promoting drug use) and even then it has to be fairly explicit (Bioshock wasn't banned for instance). It makes me feel that people don't understand our rating system when making comments such as expecting that a game would be banned purely based on violence.

    I'm not suggesting that we don't need an R18 rating on the other hand.

      Left 4 Dead 2 would be the answer to that question.

      Yeah, I totally understand where you're coming from. It was an off the cuff comment, but I do agree that there is a bit of a misunderstanding when it comes to what is banned and for what reasons.

        Oh fair enough. :) I probably misjudged your tone being that I haven't read a lot of your articles yet.

          Haha! Nah, no problem - I think you make a great point!

      This systems is to inform the public allowing them to make derisions on what "you and your family watch". People not understanding it is a flailing of the system.

    Warriors: Legends of Troy (Tecmo Koei) MA15+

    Oh hells yes.

    Also, Facebook connect doesn't seem to be working.

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