Check That, NBA Jam Is Coming Nov 17 For PS3, 360

Well, that's what we get for trusting a retailer listing. GameStop said NBA Jam on the Xbox 360 and PS3 was due on November 16; today, EA Sports' formal announcement says the game hits shelves on November 17 - a Wednesday.

Not that there's a federal law governing when games come out, but in North America, Tuesday is typically the day for triple-A retail releases, with Wednesdays and Thursdays being the days for downloadable games on Xbox 360 or PS3. My only guess here is that the last-minute decision to release NBA Jam's PS3 and 360 edition on a disc necessitated moving it off a Tuesday release because the calendar was too crowded.

Either way, you'll be seeing it on shelves in plenty of time for Christmas shopping season, which kicks off on November 26. NBA Jam will offer all of the content of the Wii version, which released on October 5, plus high-definition presentation and online multiplayer supporting up to four players.

EA Sports released a dozen screenshots with today's announcement, showing all modes of gameplay and stars both modern and legendary. Enjoy!


    It's sad because half the kids these days wouldn't know who the hell Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and dare I say it - Michael Jordan are.

    (inb4 Get off my lawn...)

    Can we get confirmation that this release date is the same (or as close as possible) for Australia.

    Really don't want to pay full retail for it, but I love this game too much that I just have to :(

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