Child Rescues His Parents… With A DS?

When we were kids, the cry from our parents was consistent and ubiquitous: stop playing those gosh-darned vidja-games and get out and do something constructive.

Sadly, for the parents of seven-year-old hero Christopher Miszkowiec, that argument will be null and void for the rest of his formative years, after he used a Nintendo DS to help save his mother’s life!

Hitting a kangaroo during a late night drive in Heathcote, Victoria, the Miszkowiec family car flipped, leaving Christopher’s mum and his two brothers trapped in the vehicle. After freeing himself, Christopher unclipped his five-year-old brother, before cleverly using the light from his DS to find his mum’s seatbelt clip, helping her get out as quickly as possible.

After the experience, Christopher’s Mum made the promise that every child wishes for.

“I’d never dream of taking anything away from him now,” claimed Kathleen Miszkowiec. “He deserves everything he gets.”

Yesterday Christopher was one of 11 people honoured at the Ambulance Victoria Community Hero awards, for his bravery and heroism.

Congratulations mate, and be sure to let your Mum know that the 3DS is coming out early next year – there’s no way she won’t buy you one now!

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