Child Rescues His Parents… With A DS?

Child Rescues His Parents… With A DS?

When we were kids, the cry from our parents was consistent and ubiquitous: stop playing those gosh-darned vidja-games and get out and do something constructive.

Sadly, for the parents of seven-year-old hero Christopher Miszkowiec, that argument will be null and void for the rest of his formative years, after he used a Nintendo DS to help save his mother’s life!

Hitting a kangaroo during a late night drive in Heathcote, Victoria, the Miszkowiec family car flipped, leaving Christopher’s mum and his two brothers trapped in the vehicle. After freeing himself, Christopher unclipped his five-year-old brother, before cleverly using the light from his DS to find his mum’s seatbelt clip, helping her get out as quickly as possible.

After the experience, Christopher’s Mum made the promise that every child wishes for.

“I’d never dream of taking anything away from him now,” claimed Kathleen Miszkowiec. “He deserves everything he gets.”

Yesterday Christopher was one of 11 people honoured at the Ambulance Victoria Community Hero awards, for his bravery and heroism.

Congratulations mate, and be sure to let your Mum know that the 3DS is coming out early next year – there’s no way she won’t buy you one now!


    • So true! I’ve done it countless times at midnight, XD

      Also, Mark, where is the “Talk Amongst yourselves” from yesterday? Did it get deleted for being too awesome?

    • It feels like Nintendo already jumped on this story… for me, the appeal isn’t that he used his portable electronics to see in the dark (because it could just as easily have been the mobile phone he’s no doubt owned since he was 4).

      No, the appeal is that he managed to free the rest of his family, and told them it was all going to be okay, etc.

      One brave kid, one ordinary bit of technology. And yet, the DS is getting all the attention.

      • I’m not trying to take away from the kids courage, etc… It was exceptional!

        Just expect that Nintendo will give them something also, once they get wind of it.

        • no, sorry, it wasn’t a criticism of your comment. I’m just making an observation on how this story has been reported everywhere.

          For a gaming website like Kotaku, I definitely think it should be reported with some focus on the device, but it seems to be the angle implemented everywhere.

          IN ROD WE TRUST!

  • The roos are pretty bad in Heathcote… That kid is legend material.

    Gotta remember though, it’s the games that are bad for kids…. not the consoles 😉

  • Reading the title to this story I honestly though that the kid might have pulled out a copy of “Trauma Team” to see how to do a quick operation. lol

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