Chile's Own Super Mario Winner

After nearly 70 days, the 33 Chilean miners have finally been rescued from over 700m underground. As the entire world celebrates, the area is swarming with reporters and journalists. It's a media circus! Cue the headline puns.

Mario Sepúlveda has been dubbed "Super Mario" by the press for his upbeat attitude during the incredibly difficult ordeal. The nickname, of course, refers to the iconic Nintendo character.

While underground, Sepúlveda made videos depicting the conditions of the miners. He would end each video with "Over to you in the studio", which has become his catchphrase of sorts. Even though he does seem to be the most media savvy, Sepúlveda has asked the press to not treat the miners as "show business figures". The Super Mario nickname, however, has stuck.

A spokesperson for Nintendo's Japanese headquarters is quoted as saying, "This is a joyous thing."

"石土産"で有名に「スーパーマリオだ」(社会) [スポニチ]

Pic via Garcia Media


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