Chinese Youth Dies At Boot Camp

Chinese Youth Dies At Boot Camp

The Chinese government has taken swift steps to deal with teenagers that are addicted to online games and the internet. One step has been the creation of boot camps.

Sixteen-year-old Chen Shi was apparently beaten to death at a boot camp in the capital of Hunan province only two days after enrolling in the camp. His mother had told him that he would be attending a school to study IT.

The school’s director had advised the mother to lie, saying that 90 per cent of all students were lied to before enrolling. The remaining 10 per cent were “kidnapped” by either parents or instructors.

Witness say that after Shi refused to run, an instructor with the help of two others beat the teenager with a plastic pipe, handcuffs and a wooden baton. The school has since be closed as disciplinary measures are being enacted.

In August 2009, another teenager was beaten to death at an internet addiction camp. The incident caused national outrage in China.

Chinese teen allegedly beaten to death at camp [Breitbart via TG Daily via CIO via Gizmodo]


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