Chuck Greene Goes Commando With The Soldier Of Fortune Pack

The Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack is available today for Dead Rising 2, transforming Chuck Greene into a lean, mean, shooting machine.

The Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack turns Chuck into Rambo, complete with a new outfit, double ammo and increased firepower for all weapons, and a special Hail of Bullets attack that's sure to leave the undead hordes in pieces. It's an 80's action movie brought to life, available today for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC for the low price of 160 Microsoft points or $US1.99.


    Am I the only one that has serious issues with the only decent unlocks costing money?
    At least the first game had the mega blaster.
    What do we get in this?
    A few unlockable costumes and the worthless knight armour..

      If you buy the $2m boots the knight armour does reduce the damage you take but i agree with you, there should be more free stuff as unlockable. It used to be that this would have been given to you if you finish the boss battle, now you just buy it!

      I am prob gonna trade this for New Vegas anyway. I have already reached level 46/50 and have finished the game twice already...

      You know, I would agree had I not got the Ninja suit with the game when I preordered but I CAN see your point, as the Ninja suit WAS a bonus...

      I love DR2 I really do. I love Chuck as a character more than Frank West but I don't love the fact that Frank has these over the top awesome moves and Chuck doesn't. No intestine rip is lame :(

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