Command & Conquer Lives On At EA's Visceral Games

The studio best known for making Dead Space and Dante's Inferno is expanding its scope, welcoming more than just action adventure games into its fold, including EA's venerable Command & Conquer strategy game series.

Electronic Arts senior vice president and group general manager Nick Earl tells Gamasutra that more games, including the Command & Conquer title that's "pretty far off", will exist as a Visceral Games label project.

The Visceral label, which will tap the talents of EA development studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Montreal, and Melbourne, Australia, will bring you more than just Dead Space, more than just third-person action. But Earl calls the Dead Space series "really emblematic of the kind of games we're building", even if that doesn't necessarily mean Command & Conquer is due for a graphically violent makeover.

Hey, it sounds better than Command & Conquer for Facebook, right?

Visceral Games is currently hard at work on Dead Space 2 and is rumoured to be working on a title based on Jack the Ripper.

For more on Visceral's plans, check out the full article on Gamasutra.

Interview: Earl Reveals EA's Expansion Of Visceral Label [Gamasutra]


    Hopefully it's Red Alert 4 or Generals 2, and hopefully they don't stuff it up like they did Tiberian Twilight.

    +1 Andrew Hobbs

    EA violated C&C 4 so much it probably made Kane lose any hair he's got left

    Bring on Generals 2 with World in Conflict style graphics... big hit

    I Just wish they would let is rest in peace... C&C has been put through to much pain to keep going :(

    Wouldn't mind seeing Tiberium come into existence from this guys. If they could pull Scrin AI off, it could be pretty awesome.

    On the objective side - maybe this is a chance for the C&C universe to get a clean break from the absolute gauntlet of fail that our beloved RTS has endured for the last 5-10 years.

    I for one am down for it. Always loved C&C, even tried to love the latter EA games (F--- you C&C 4). Am very happy to hear they didn't turn it totally to poison.

    For my money, make 2 games totally unrelated to the established story, then have a massive "Whoa! Kane's back!" for the third.

    Something else? Make a persistent map game, so your awesome victory in the last level helps the next in a real way (not some token "you get 5 extra units to start with!".

    That, or make a totally new C&C model (but don't go all Total Annihilation Kingdoms on us). We all saw how successful Generals was.

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