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What's happening chaps? It's Mark, signing off for another great week at Kotaku, hope everyone has a good one. Me? I'm currently stuck in Melbourne for a wedding – at least there'll be awesome food.

For the uninitiated, this is Community Kudos, where we reward you guys for being funny, helpful, creative, or for whatever reason pops into my head as I look through all the posts. You can totally nominate your fellow poster for a Community Kudos by emailing me at [email protected]

Anyways, on with the show.

Kudos to absolutely everyone for taking me to school in yesterday's LunchTimeWaster! Yeah, I totally forgot about the existence of Haunting. Thanks to the zillion people who pointed this out while I was out on my lunchbreak!

Thanks to Welbot for inspiring me to watch Back to the Future with your rockin' story about you pushing all your amps up to 11.

Kudos to everyone who posted in this week's objection: I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on what was a really interesting debate. I want to give particular shout outs to Adam Ruch, for his insightful post, and Ray, for suggesting that Rockstar should create a videogame adaptation of my favourite movie of all time Commando. I could, quite literally, die happy (but Rockstar, you said you'd kill me last)!

But Qumulys, you're this week's prize winner. You kicked off this week's Talk Amongst Yourselves with a heart wrenching tale that ended with you getting a parking ticket. People in our office are constantly getting parking tickets (mostly because people in this office are constantly parking illegally, but that's another story) so everyone here really empathised with your plight.

Here old buddy, have a copy of Super Scribblenauts for your troubles!

Like I said before – please feel free to email me if there's been an awesome post of kindness that I've missed, or to nominate someone! Let me know everyone!

Have a great weekend.


    Well done Quimby... and good work to everyone else.

    w00! Congrats Qumulys! Hope you're actually around to find out the good news! Sounds like you certainly deserve it! :) Here's hoping you have a DS! ;) Crank it up to 11 and ROCK ON!!! ;)


    1. What's In The Sandwich, Jenny? (completed)
    2. Wrong! (completed)
    3. Dead Tired (completed)
    4. Letting Go Of Sully (completed)
    5. Eating Green Berets For Breakfast (completed)
    6. So Glad You Could Make It (completed)
    7. Bullshit! (active)


      Ok, ray needs to win something for this post!! hahaha

      Also, i would like to second that Commando could be one of the greatest films of all time - man it seriously rocks so hard! :D

    That made me smile immensely :)

    Q-bo is one of the greatest people around these parts in my eyes, and i know things haven't been easy for him for a long time now - possibly understatement of the year.

    So yeah, it's great to see some good going his way, and i know he'll appreciate it immensely :)

    Well done, mate.
    Also well done to the other honorable mentions - i was away most of the week so missed your posts, which is a shame as it looks like it was a bumper of a week! :D

      was a bumper week indeed! no doubt would have been even bumpier with more of your antics too ;) good to have you back!

    Haha, good work to everyone!

    Although Qumulys, you know what you should try simulate in Super Scribblenauts?
    Dishwashered keyboard + Oven.


    Thanks heaps everyone for all the nice things you've said :D This place is totally heaps better than hanging out at the Circle K with Missy, I mean your mom!! (I'm keeping to the BTTF theme, only sidestepping a little to the thrills of Bill and Ted)

    I've been busy last couple of days, in Alfred hospital (groan) but have just about eliminated my shakes! So, I'll hopefully get in a good weekend of gaming for once! Big thanks again to Serrelicious for sscribs! I missed playing the first one, so I'm really looking forward to giving it a good bash :D


    You make Melbourne sound like a horrible place. I guess that makes you a great writer, because you didn't say an awful lot about it...

    /thumbs up

    Nice job Qumulys! As such a great member of the community, this is well deserved. Enjoy!

    Hey, I'm in Melbourne for a wedding too... maybe it's the same one?! See you there! :P

    On an unrelated note - congrats, Qumulys!

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