Community Review: Enslaved

Community Review: Enslaved
Community Review: Enslaved

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! Enslaved is out, and we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it, or even just the demo? We need your thoughts below!

Enslaved is a reimagining of the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West, set in a land where rare human survivors hide from the rampant mechanical armies created by their predecessors. You play as Monkey, who is helped out of captivity early in the game by Trip. But Trip – an engineering whiz – needs your help too, and fixes a device to your skull that, unless you cooperate, will create a scene straight out of SAW.

Ninja Theory’s new title may not be using the WETA studios motion capturing technology that graced Heavenly Sword, but using their own means combined with the talents of Andy Serkis, they’ve still managed to give Monkey a very distinct movement style. The focus seems to be on the strong characters and storytelling – how do you think they pulled it off?

Community Review: EnslavedWhat do people feel about the combat’s progression? In Enslaved, you’re not supposed to be able to take on armies of robots by yourself. As the game goes on, and groups of robots get bigger, you need to employ more crowd control trickery.

Enslaved is perhaps far enough removed in its style and setting to run the risk of butchering a classic story. But with such a strong base to work from, expectations on this aspect will be high, to say the least.

What do you think the game’s main strength is? The storytelling? Combat? Puzzles and Prince of Persia styled climbing? And the most important question – would you recommend it to your fellow Kotakuers?


  • I really loved Heavenly Sword despite popular opinion so hoping to hear good things about enlaved that will make me want to stretch the budget to fit it in

    • I’m with you, I feel like I’m one of the few people who really liked Heavenly Sword. I think their ability to make interesting characters and engineer emotional situations will be put to the test in DmC though, and a lot of people will be looking at Enslaved to see how well they treat an existing story with respect and competence.

      • See, I played the Heavenly sword demo, and while it was very good looking at all, the gameplay didn’t suit me at all. Not to mention that I didn’t really care about the story I saw in the demo, so it wasn’t enough for me to buy the game.

        Enslaved, on the other hand, is looking pretty good. I’m a fan of stories in games, and enslaved seems like it’ll deliver, based off the demo and reading off the internet. The gameplay in this seems ok-good in this, and I do enjoy platforming. The thing I’m going to struggle with is re-playability. But considering Ozgameshop has this for about $60, I’ll pick this up once uni’s done and dusted for the year.

    • Hey, me too! I thought I was the only one who thought Heavenly Sword was kinda awesome. I also have a soft spot for it because it was the first PS3 game I played.
      I’ve been looking forward to Enslaved but haven’t even had a chance to play the demo yet. I’m really interested to experience their take on the story.
      As for DmC, as much as the new version of Dante looks like someone you’d rather beat up than be, I’m definitely curious to see what they do with him.

    • You’re not alone. I picked up Heavenly Sword for $20 and it is really good. Not brilliant perhaps, but the art direction, acting and dialogue were top notch. The gameplay was certainly more than adequate – not God of War, but still fun.

  • So, I have to ask, does Pigsy make an appearance in Enslaved? If not…fail. But seriously, looks like an interesting take on a very old tale, and if it is anything like Heavenly Sword, I WILL LIKE!

  • I haven’t played much Enslaved, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I have played. Uncharted style platforming, and the combat has more depth than your standard hack and slash. Cool update of the classic story.

  • Playing the demo was an experience in all things bitter-sweet. The opening scenes are reminiscent of Uncharted 2’s cinematic aspirations and “climb across the precarious precipice” scenarios. Enslaved looks sexy – standard sexy, not Miranda Kerr sexy – and the narrative is immediately engaging with stylish exposition creating a compelling story. Unlike my hardback copy of Paris Hilton’s Confessions of an Heiress, Enslaved makes you ask the question: “What happens next?”.
    But character control & animation did not feel fluid by today’s standards & enemy design was lackluster not blockbuster. And combat – at least in the opening sequences – was generic like pop music and as colourless as my white rice sculpture of Stephen Hawking. Speaking of great scientists, Enslaved appears to have a great science versus nature – a little bit Avatar – core theme. And here we return to Enslaved’s robust allure: character, dialogue and story threads taking video game narrative beyond the Dude Where’s My Car School of Scriptwriting. Enslaved steps boldly towards a brighter future where video games have a story to tell.

  • So i gave in and bought the game on my way home tonight, and while ive only gotten to play the first few chapters im already in two states of mind about this game.

    The game is surely sporting the kind of polish youd expect from the house that produced the beautiful Heavenly Sword, and the level of attention to character and story is there.

    Game play on the other hand has left me a lot frustrated, the ideas are there and what theyve put together should work, but the execution lacks polish, and some silly design flaws make some of the sections of the game infuriating, where control method is more punishing then the actual task of navigating some of the more dangerous terrain.

    Combat is a pretty standard affair i guess the only major flaw i can come up with at this stage (it is very early in the game) is the camera, for a game where you can have 4-5 large enemies coming at you from all sides, the vantage point you are given is extremely tight, making anything attacking from behind either be completely hidden allowing for some nasty cheap shots or they will fill the screen completely, allowing for yet more nasty cheap shots.

    The platforming is fun, watching monkey… well monkey about is good fun, uncharted meets PoP style environments and actions give it a unique style of play, although Trip, your ever so innocent captor, is already starting to wear thin, especially in situations where you may wanna have a little bit of an explore but are meant to be carrying her, which means putting her down means she wanders aimlessly into the most unfortunate situations, causing game over and a fresh treck through the minefield for you and monkey.
    As far as rating, i’d go with a firm “i will probably finish it”

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