Community Review: FIFA 11

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! FIFA 11 has been out for a while now, and we’d like to know what you think. Did you pick it up? Already played it, or even just the demo? We need your thoughts below!

I have to say that FIFA 11 has grown on me - and it's the good kind of growth. Like a growth spurt or an awesome beard (as opposed to a giant boil on the side of your nose). Soccer games (and by soccer games I mean PES and FIFA) seem destined to succumb to constant pull of sim versus arcade, or speed versus a more deliberate game.

FIFA 11 definitely ekes itself towards the slower paced, sim side of things, and at first I had problems with that. Plenty of fans didn't approve of the fast paced ping-pong passing of FIFA 10, but I was a fan, especially since most of my FIFA time was spent alongside less experienced players as a more casual thing. FIFA 10 was instantly accessible, with a big enough skill cap to separate the Rooneys from the um... Scott McDonalds.

FIFA 11 seemed to grind to a halt in endless midfield scuffles and lacked the end to end goal fests that its predecessor allowed for. Sure, I loved the new animations and the added physicality of the challenges, but my passes seemed to go astray too easily, dribbling was unrewarding, referees were too stingy.

Turns out I was just a massive noob.

Because the more I played, the more I got a feel for FIFA 11's balance. Passing soon became intuitive and, as a result of the increased precision required, infinitely more rewarding. Goals had to be earned, and if you thought your move through instead of just spamming the pass button, you would get the chances you deserved.

So now I'm pretty much in love with FIFA 11. But enough about me - what do you guys think? Did you prefer the faster paced FIFA 10, or are you planning to migrate back to PES with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011? Let me know in the comments section below


    Fifa 2010 was so much better than Fifa 2009. Unfortunately, Fifa 2011 isn't much different to Fifa 2010.

    I'll preface this with the fact that I only play local multi player and on all manual control settings (the only real way to play Fifa).

    Goalkeeper be a pro is horrible, if you're on a good team you have absolutely nothing to do and if you're on a bad team you're fucked because the controls are very hard to master. I sunk several hours into Be a Pro in '10 and it doesn't have the same appeal.

    I was excited about the creation centre and being able to play my fantasy team against my friends. Unfortunately, you can't import pre-made Fifa players (please correct me if i'm wrong here) you have to customize your players (on the ea website) individually, with a limited appearance palette. 25 customizations to make a whole team? NO THANKYOU

    One big thing that any Fifa 2010 player will hate is the chip goal, when your keeper uncontrollably leaves the goal line and runs out to meet an opponent striker only to have the ball very easily chipped over the goalie. Chipping is much, much harder now and if you can score from it it is much more deserved.

    All up? If you own 2010 and don't have a burning desire to spend $100 - don't! The changes aren't that amazing, you'd be better off atleast waiting until the price drops and pre-owned games become available.

    The RNG is too obvious in regards to loose ball posession. I've gotten close to a loose ball and the ai has forced me to slow right down or I've walked right over the top of it and the opposing player has picked it up and skipped away with it many times.

    I haven't had much success with wing play and crossing either.

    Traded it in already. Mine was the 360 version. My housemate has nearly put a dent in the wall with his PS 3 version.

    FIFA 10 seemed to hit the spot, with a few flaws here and there obviously.

    FIFA 11 tries to give the player too much control but ends up failing horribly.

    I think special mention goes to the AI, where players on your team are essentially wooden blocks, whereas players on the opposing team seem to be Messi's even if you're playing a 3 star team.

    Tackling is horrible, you can never get the ball off an opposing striker but with the cheap AI the opposition defender can bump you off the ball, even if you're a battering ram of a striker.

    My advice, hold on to FIFA 10 if you have it, or check out PES 11. I haven't done the latter, but if you need to scratch your itch, FIFA 11 should be a buy of last resort.

    Fifa 11 is by far the best installoment in the series. the gameplay is the most realistic it has ever been and rewards thoughtful tactics.

    Personally I think that most of the complaints are based on the fact that it is a lot more difficult to score goals and players who rated themselves as good or very good at fifa 10 are a bit chuffed when they struggle with 11.

    Like all great things, fifa 11 gets better and better the more you play it. I am playing manager mode with West Ham United on legendary. sure it would be great to win every game but that doesnt happen. On occasion I get flogged. This only adds to the realism of the game and makes scoring and winning (especially via a 90th minute goal) almost ridiculously rewarding and satisfying. Alternatively it also makes me want to smash my controller to bits when i miss five one on ones and the other team snatches the game with one chance.

    But hey, thats football! I dont want a football game that i can dominate within a few days of playing. Its much more exciting this way and I think indicative of how good it is that i can feel 90 emotions in 90 minutes while playing a football simulator.

    If people are finding it too frustrating then just drop to an easier skill level and increase as you improve. Do not expect to win every game 5 nil. You won't. Stay with it and you will see just how rewarding it can be

    I wasn't going to comment, but given the overly negative comments above mine I figure I should.

    On starting FIFA 11 for the first time you can feel straight away it isn't the same game that you were used to. Passes go astray, shots are off target, endless turnovers to questionable tackles. So I can see why initial judgement would be harsh. Hell, I hated the game more than anything when my Barcelona went down to an AI controlled Newcastle United. But in sticking with it, learning the subtle movements and precise actions required to be successful, FIFA 11 is one of the most polished and incredibly rewarding sports games I can recall.

      Best looking FIFA game yet!
      Though FIFA 11 doesn’t instigate the same “wow factor as last year’s game, and is more of a refinement of FIFA 10’s issues than a further evolution of the series, yet again it doesn’t disappoint.

      Last year’s effort was brilliant, the best FIFA game yet. Understandbly so, EA has therefore chosen to examine what was wrong with FIFA 10, take into account player feedback and try and implement those changes in FIFA 11. The result is not only the best looking FIFA title to date, but the most challenging game in the series where the men will almost certainly be sorted out from the boys.

      Also what many fail to realise is the success of the FIFA CLUBS. In the clubs mode - in which teams of up to six humans(or virtual pro's) compete against one another. As in real life you play one position on the pitch which brings a sense of teamwork. There are hundreds of clubs in the oceania and even a Aussie FIFA Clubs competition called the APL ( Australian Premier League).

    My experience is very different to what I've seen above, but it looks to me like most people who've already posted are mainly playing against the AI, whereas I treat FIFA as a multiplayer game.

    Defensive AI has definitely been increased, so you have to work harder to get that goal in multiplayer matches. But the better player still usually wins in my experience. Certain dribblers can hold guys off for ages now with skilled dribble or just directional shifts, forcing the defence to call a support player, bringing him out of position. The slower pace of the game also makes tricks more viable.

    As for the passing, I think it's a good change. It's harder now, but more realistic. You can't just one-touch pass a ball speeding at you from the back, and there's additional balance in the fact that good defensive pressure can force you into one-touch passing - in which case if you don't get the power & direction right, you'll turn over possession.

    10 was amazing but 11's changes make sense, IMHO :)

    What's with all the negativity? It is ridiculously better than FIFA 10.

    The big thing for me is the custom chants. A guy on the FIFA boards uploaded a tonne of chants which I downloaded and (painfully) put on my 360. It's not 100% accurate (sometimes Arsenal chants happen randomly) but it adds so much more to the game.

    The gameplay in general is much better, with technical players much having an advantage over big bustly players. (Drogba in FIFA 10 was way over powered in every aspect.) Playing against the AI is a lot better, with technical players often wanting to take you on, something that rarely happened if at all in previous versions.

    I have the controls on default, with a lot of assistance. I used to play on manual, but the pain of it just isn't rewarding enough.

    Yes, you could complain that being a goalkeeper is boring, but I'm sure someone out there enjoys it. I don't, but then I don't play as a goalkeeper. Just as I don't enjoy playing "Be A Pro," I have the option to just play tournaments and manager mode (which has improved A LOT since FIFA 10)

    Let me just start off and say that overall this is a very nice game. The new career mode in particular is enjoyable.

    However, I feel that EA tried too hard to improve and create the new passing system. I don't know what they did on top of WC2010 but the passing in that game was the best in any football games I've played and yet somehow it went astray in F11. It is immensely difficult to pass a powerful ball. This includes through passes which annoys me to no end. You may think it just comes down to not putting enough power on the pass, but if you do hold that pass for too long it'll just end up going to the player further away. So you'll either weakly pass the ball to the player you intended to pass it to or give a powerful pass to someone else.

    I like to commend EA however in trying to up the difficulty of the game, especially on legendary. In the previous Fifas legendary difficulty was a joke. But in Fifa 11, they have really given the AI a boost in intelligence. I understand that improvement to defending AI has been siginificantly improved in this Fifa, but I'm afraid it has come at a cost. It seems like now the opposing team AI when defending greatly outsmarts your own team's AI when attacking. This coupled with the fact that every team in the game when played against on legendary adopts the 10 men behind the ball tactic to defend can make having even just a chance to shoot a very challenging task.

    Handballs are a nice inclusion but once again it is over done. Just taking my experience as an example. Out of my last 10 games, I've had myself 5 penalties awarded from handballs in the box, and 6 against me. That comes down to more than 1 penalty awarded for handball per game.

    In the end I think they need to bump up the player's team's AI. I understand that it's up to the player to think and play to crack the opposing team up. But it's really hard to do anything when half the time my players just stand still in awe watching me run with the ball when they could be supporting me by making some smart runs. Is Fifa 11 better than Fifa 10? I would say so, but to me World Cup 2010 is still a much better game in terms of game mechanics.

      Many people have been positive about the new career mode but I'd have to disagree as well. Removing the backroom staff and making the player focus entirely on the team (In plain Manager mode) seems to take away the little things that made the game a little more fun. The addition of the news ticker was nice but unfortunately seemed really generic since there are only so many pictures one can use.

      Additionally the Season AI behaves strangely again, with big name players from clubs being put up for sale at random. Dirk Kuyt leaves Liverpool, Tevez goes to Inter, etc. No 'realism' was put into the season, and I never made it past a season but the inability to choose teams for pre-season friendlies is another minus.

      There are a few other very small things that make the overall manager experience a reduced one from previous instalments.

    Fifa Clubs is the bomb!

    I have no problem with the passing at all. In fact, i'm pretty happy with the passing system. Everytime i stuff it up (as i sometimes do), i feel like it was my mistake and not the game ripping me off. Then, when you do get passes flowing, or make a successful cross, you feel like an absolute champion.
    The only real problem i have is that AI players sometimes seem to want to just stand and watch a loose ball nearby.... other than that, i'm loving it.

    I have to comment here , new fifa 11 has its positives in that the AI has really been improved , but that again it takes a little bit of the fun out of scoring goals. But by far my biggest complaint and the thing that I hate the most about the new FIFA is the LOADING TIME ... Its ridiculous. I somtimes wait 5 minutes to even start a game. Come on FIFA .... I'm considering going back to my theory of swithcing between FIFA and PES every 2 years.

    yeah id like to add comments on the career mode..i think fifa should add an option for the transfer listed players to be offered to other clubs..because it is pretty hard to sell your players.

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