Costume Quest Will Be Out Before Halloween

Costume Quest, the next game from the Psychonauts and Brutal Legend studio DoubleFine - and more importantly, the only trick-or-treating role-playing game of the year - will be released on October 20, the game's publisher THQ revealed today. Price: $US15.


    Yay! Even if it wasn't DoubleFine I'd still buy it for the name 'Costume Quest'. Made. Of. Awesome.

    Any news about whether or not this will be delayed for 360 due to Games Feast?

    Scott Pilgrim got a delayed release due to Winter of Arcade and I want my damn Costume Quest on time!

      I thought Scott Pilgrim was "delayed" on 360 due to it being a timed PS3 exclusive?

        Nope. Seems releasing it during WoA was a no-no, so it became a two week PS3 exclusive after the fact.

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