Could This Actor Be Right For The Uncharted Flick?

This is Nathan Fillion. He's a television star. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan? The hero of adventure franchise Uncharted is named Nathan. That series is getting a movie version, and actor Nathan seems keen.

"If ever there was a Twitter campaign, let this be it," the actor tweeted, linking a news blurb about the flick. "Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE!"

As website Eurogamer points out, "Browncoats" is a reference to Fillion's previous show, sci-fi cult program Firefly. "Castillions" is a reference to his current show, Castle.

The Uncharted film will be helmed by David O Russel of Three Kings and screaming at Lily Tomlin fame.

Nolan North does the voice acting for Uncharted's Nathan Drake, but the character's film counterpart has yet to be cast.

Fillion has voice acting credits in Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Nathan Fillion: If ever there was a Twitte ... [Twitter via Eurogamer]

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    For me, he is the obvious choice. he really looks like the game character and I love his wise cracks on Firefly. If he gets it I wonder if he can handle the notorious director's shenanigans when he put Christopher Nolan (Batman director) in a headlock threatening him that Jude Law was his for "I heart huckabees".I Did not like Huckabees but I enjoyed "three kings". Here is the trailer for his latest effort "The Fighter":

      I agree. Hell, when I was playing the first uncharted, Nate reminded of Nathan Fillion with all his wise cracks. It'd be awesome!

        He even sounds like nolan north. the first time i played the game. i got excited because i thought nathon fillion voiced drake

      Just need to find a role in the movie for Adam Baldwin now to keep the Firefly and Halo:ODST teamwork going...

    Why not? -He did Halo 3: ODST (Buck), I think he did pretty well.

    Well, yes, but that photo of Nathan Fillion is almost 10 years old. :)

      Indeed. Now he looks even more like Drake, with the rugged craggyness befitting a great adventurer.

      I've always thought Nathan Fillion is the only choice for Nathan Drake, can't imagine anyone else pulling the attitude off.

    Yes, yes, yes! I have had no interest in the Uncharted movie until this post. However, if Nathan Fillion was in it, I might actually go and SEE it! All you have to do is watch Dr Horrible to realise he's the perfect goofy action hero...

      Agreed, i never cared much for the movie, but i will definately see it if he gets the part.

    If it's not going to be Nolan North (which I still think it should), then Nathan Fillion is certainly worthy of the next best actor to take the role. He is one of only a few that could be accepted as Nathan Drake and it's a very fine line. Good call.

    The only reason I am opposed to this is that Nathan Fillion SHOULD be busy finishing Firefly. But since that is a pipe dream, then go go Uncharted.

      Fox are a bunch of wankers for cancelling Firefly. Best TV series ever.

      Also, who's idea was it to kill Wash in Serenity? That means any subsequent movie (we can still dream, can't we?) won't have Alan Tudyk in it...

        Joss has said that if he made Serenity 2 then Wash & Book would be in it, but never said how...

    Wasn't there a link on Kotaku ages ago talking about how Naughty Dog pretty much made Drake based on Nathan Fillon and wanted him to do the voice, but he couldn't as he had other things going on at the time?

    please let it happen i will die of happy

    I'd possibly consider turning gay for Nathan Fillion...

    ...ok, not really, but I may have just nerdgasmed.

    he's probably a shoe in for it from firefly we know he can act that sort of charictor well he looks about right for it and the nerds love him unless they fund someone who is insanely good for the role (as in nathan drakes mortal incarnation applies for the role) its a pretty safe bet nathan filion with get the role

    What did he do in Reach?

    He's a good choice... I'd like to see him play Buck in the Halo movie too.

      He had a small campaign cameo (as his character from ODST) and you can have Buck (his character in ODST) as your firefight voice.

    I'm pretty sure everyone's been saying Fillion should fill in the shoes of Nathan Drake since day one and it's awesome to know that he wants to do this as well. It's also cool that he hasn't forgotten about Firefly and is still in touch with the fanbase. At one point, I'm pretty sure he was the obvious choice for Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), on everyone's mind until studios chose Ryan Reynolds (which is still a good choice nonetheless).

    He's done some very solid film work, he was good in Waitress and Slither, so it's not like he's just a TV actor and lacking the big screen charisma.

    Plus I want to have his babies.

    Everyone loves Nathan Fillion but being a fan favourite doesn't mean he'll be cast. I think I read a post somewhere which summed it up perfectly

    -You want: Nathan Fillion
    -The studio wants: Hugh Jackman
    -You get: Brendan Fraser

    David O Russell is a fucking douchebag. Every single movie he's made has been pretentious garbage (even the slightly bearable 3 Kings). I Heart Huckabees was the worst Wes Anderson movie that wasn't actually directed by Wes Anderson.

    And you forgot another example of this guy's classy behaviour - The 3 Kings shoot where he gave all the extras/crew shit until Clooney just snapped and beat the crap out of him. What a champion.

    @ Adam Ruch

    couldn't of said it better :D

    I heard they were considering Jamie Foxx for the role.

    Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.
    Claudia Black as Chloe.
    J. K. Simmons as Sully.
    Not sure who should play Elena, but those three would make it an epic movie regardless.

    PLEASE don't disappoint me, David O'Russell!

    I would watch the movie if he was in it.

    Nathan Fillion is the only real choice to play Nathan Drake. He's got the physicality, the acting chops, and the charisma to do justice to the role. And he really wants to do it. I say give it to him!

    Nathan Fillion should get the part. I feel like Wahlberg is getting the part handed to him because he has a bigger name. The thing is that this movie should be marketed towards the gamers who have already spent a ton of money on the games, they are the people who would go see this movie. It also has the potential to reach mass audiences, as the storyline is reminiscent of the old Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider Plots. Nathan has been gunning for the role, getting fans to even come to his aid. An actor who wants a role that badly should at least be considered, and Nathan has proven he has the acting chops for the role. Nathan already has a large fanbase that most likely has also played the game. The right choice is obvious, but obviously the director is going for big name draws over trying to create a new, unique action hero and franchise as Naughty Dog did with the Uncharted Games. In my opinion, things are no looking that great for the Uncharted movie. Also…. why do we even NEED a movie of this? Playing the games is like playing interactive movies, they’re brilliant. This is further proof that I should give up all faith in hollywood’s creativity.


    Fillion is the obvious choice. What are they thinking with Mark Wahlberg. He ruined Max Payne. Fillion for Drake and J.K. Simmons for Sully

    Fillion is perfect to play the role and is obviously the fan favorite to do so. Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake!

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