Crazy Taxi Port Is Faithful But Wider

The revival of Dreamcast favourite Crazy Taxi on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network won't transform the game significantly.

I recently got the quickest of looks at a build of Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast Returns) at a Sega showcase event in Manhattan for upcoming games. It is a port of both the original 1999 arcade game and its 2000 Dreamcast successor. Both games had the player driving a taxi as fast as they could from one part of a city to another, trying to haul passengers swiftly and skilfully for maximum fares.

The old versions of the games will be released as a single downloadable game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year. They run in 720p now and, unlike the recent downloadable release of Sonic Adventure, the ported Crazy Taxi will run in widescreen. A spokesperson for the game said this is true widescreen, with a wider viewing area, not chopped graphics.

The arcade version of the game will be presented as its own map to supplement the Dreamcast content. The new release will also include Crazy Box, a series of challenges that were part of the home game.

The game sure looked like Crazy Taxi while I watched it being played, but I was short on time and could not test whether it in my own hands. Look for it later this year.


    I remember this game. My friend bought it for me as a joke, seeing as I'm Indian. Still, great fun was had =]

      Haha. Good one.

    Bought this on ... GameCube? back in the day and was so disappointed with how small/short it was. Its a really fun mechanic, but when you can do similar stuff in GTA:SA its hard to want to pay money for this eh?

    I actually invented this game when I was at uni. I entered it into a 'game ideas' competition. Not one cent has come my way! Not one "hey, thanks for the great idea!".
    Oh well, there's always drinking

    It was real let down the recent release of Sonic Adventure on XBLA wasn't in widescreen. Fail.

    I still have this on the Gamecube - I agree with Adam that GTA Largely left this series in the dust but still the Taxi Driving in those games is nowhere near as fun as this. If the port is good it might be all the impetus I need to finally offload the cube!

    Ohh yes fantastic to hear they put such great effort into the game.

    Combining both games and proper widescreen makes this a must buy.

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