Darth Vader Can Sure Take A Beating

The very talented animation team at Blur Studio have released two more cinematic trailers for upcoming Star Wars title Force Unleashed II. They're very pretty.

The one above shows that Stormtroopers combust just fine, while below, well...I've seen Darth Vader lose a lot of limbs in my time, but I don't think I've ever seen him take a beat-down like that.


    Can we please start getting source links for videos? A good 75% of them all say 'Video Not Available.'


      Agreed im getting that too. Damn frustrating, Blur does some gorgeous work

        i third this motion. the only vids that work for me are the ones that are imbedded from youtube.

          If you need this motion fourthed, consider it done.


            Motion 5th'd

    I think I need a new pair of pants... I think Blur should just outright make a Star Wars movie. They have the ability to make characters perform Force-assisted acrobatics far better than any actor can perform...

      This is the case with any animated adaption of Star Wars. Anyone who's seen the original Clone Wars cartoon can tell you Grievous is a friggin badass in that and does all sorts of ridiculous acrobatics in that while he's a mess in Episode III.

      The CGI Clone Wars show also does this. It's just part of the inherent limitation in using live-actors. Wires and touch-up CGI can only go so far.

        Right...not sure if you missed it but Grievous in Episode III wasn't an actor but CG.

      I absolutely agree with you. They make damn amazing stuff.

      Quite literally, watching these two trailers has made me want to buy the game, even though I was let down by the first one. I probably won't buy it yet, but ... These trailers. Just so awesome.

        Nah, it was Gary Coleman

      I agree! They should acquire the film rights.
      They'd do a much better job of being faithful to the Star Wars universe than that Muppet Lucas!
      They know how to use the 3D medium to further a story and not just to say "Hey, look how massive my 3D d!@k is!"

    joel is right.

    Vader wins.

    Mufasa dies.

      The antelope eat the grass.

    I wish you were just Darth Vader in this game instead of some dude who will end up dead anyway.

    Vader was always the best character in the original trilogy (we all know the new ones sucked so hard nobody really see's 'that' Anakin as Vader), and there's never been a game where you are Vader, and you destroy the Jedi- that would have been a a total hit.

    Better yet, a game where you are Vader and play through the original Trilogy, and can change the whole story line by killing Skywalker and the Emperor and becoming the new Emperor, and crushing the rebellion! AWESOME!

      The force is strong with this one!

    My goodness... i just moistened heavily!!

    Must... have... game... :|

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