Dead Space Ignition Arrives In One Week

The downloadable prequel to Dead Space 2 has been booked for an October 13 deployment on Xbox Live.

Dead Space Ignition, billed as an "interactive comic-style game", is due for an October 13 release, price of 400 Microsoft points. The title promises both three minigames riding alongside the graphic novel story: "Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override." They're a blend of puzzles and twitch-based arcade games.

Ignition's written by Atony Johnston, who wrote the Dead Space comic book series in 2008. Completing the game will unlock content in the retail release of Dead Space 2, due in January 2011.

Details for the PlayStation Network version were not immediately available.

Coming Soon To Xbox Live Marketplace [Major Nelson]


    I'm positive the prequel to Dead Space 2 was Dead Space 1...

      true dat

    More stuff for xbox players but not PC ? I thought Dead Rising 2 was bad, but this unlocks stuff ingame!

    I would ask, "What about PS3?" but PS3 owners like me are already being treated to the Limited Edition exclusive, so it's only fair for this to be for the 360.

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