Deathspank Spreads Its Wings

Deathspank is coming to PC later this month, and a little later, to the Mac as well.


    I've been up in the air about Deathspank on console for a long it worth playing? or is it just the demo played over and over again?

      It seems to have gotten a lot of praise but on the consoles it has nothing to compete against, it's essentially a dumbed down Torchlight with a focus on humor.

    1) Release game on console.

    2) At a much later date, release on PC.

    3) Complain about poor PC sales.

    4) Conclude that all PC gamers are filthy pirates.

    They will need to Fix the Roodolph Bug in second episode "Thongs of Virtue" before I'd Look at it. 96% complete and can not finish the game...

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