Deckard's Gun Costs 900 Caps In New Vegas

We've seen an homage to Owen and Beru Lars, now reader Zack F. has found Deckard's gun in Blade Runner - called "That Gun" in-game - in Fallout: New Vegas. The sidearm has a street value of 900 caps.

Zack says he picked it up in Novac. Here's an alternate view; Zack dropped it so we could see its name and cap value.


    The gift shop vendor in the giant dinosaur in Novac sells it for a bit over 1000 caps.

      Yeah that's where I got mine too Matt. Though I had no idea it was the Bladerunner gun??? Thanks for the clarification :) When I saw it I knew it was something special and that I had to have it so I sold half my armory to afford it lol.

      Or you can always break into the closet behind the counter and pick the gun up off the shelf.

    I picked it up in Novac, hoping it would have some uber special power or the like because simply of the name

    not all that powerful against living things compared to other weapons but haven't tried it on robots yet

    looks awesome though and has a cool (if slow( re-load animation

    In my game the gun cost 1337 caps lol! You guys must have added additional barter skill

    They must have put this in because of the pistol in F2 which looked just like deckard's. It was the .223 pistol from memory.

    Its not actually just a Blade Runner reference. This gun first appeared in Fallout 1 as a Blade Runner reference, its called "That Gun" because fans called it "That Gun from Fallout 1 and 2" in discussions. It was known as ".223 pistol" in the first two games.

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