DefenceJobs Recruiting Through iOS Games released two free games on the app store last month - one, a naval combat tactics game, and the other, an action flight combat sim. We missed this in our weekly game release round-up, but then again, we don't usually get release schedules from people with guns.

Of course, it's possible that our armed forces just wanted to release a couple games out of the goodness of their hearts. But the games are trademarked under Defence Force Recruiting, and recruitment agency Manpower Services is involved. So it's a pretty safe bet these free apps are designed to get you excited about shooting stuff - be it underwater stuff or airbourne stuff.

The first, Strike Fighter, seems to be an arcadey flight combat sim a la Afterburner:

The second is Navy Warfare Officer. Released at the end of September, it looks like a more strategic affair, choosing three ships to take on your opponent's base:

We're used to the concept of video games being used for recruiting purposes, and of course, training. In fact, our very own Bohemia Interactive having made virtual training tech for overseas military outfits as well as our own. But this is the first time we've seen Defencejobs on the app store.

Anyone care to give these a go and see if they're any good? America's Army is a proven success in terms of recruitment numbers in the US, but do you think a killer video game could be the difference between someone joining the armed forces or not? Especially with the possibility of being sent overseas?


    the url is wrong... should it be

    Defencejobs has been on iPhone for ages - when I first got mine 2 years ago I remember playing a turn-based aerial combat strategy game made by Defencejobs. I can't remember the name, and i seems to be gone from the App Store now, but I bet someone else remembers it...

      The other game you are thinking of is Supreme Air Combat. It's still up there.

      I freakin' love that game. So simple, yet fun. And seeing as the price is right, i might have to check out these games too.

    If we criticise them, will we get black bagged and taken to Gitmo?

    Oh wait, we're not American. Since they're both free, I'll give 'em a go this evening :)

      Not heard the news? Australians are carrying out murder for them.

    It's a conspiracy man! Those aren't games people are playing - they're real missions fought out in real time!!!

      Getting Ender's Game vibes from this :)

      I remember quite a few Defencejobs games over the years, including some naval sims played on MSN (I think). Can't complain about free games, but surely they have better ways to recruit people.

        Unless it's game devs they're trying to recruit :)

    "In fact, our very own Bohemia Interactive..."

    Umm.. what? Isn't BI a Czech company?

    Okay, gave 'em a go. Strike Fighter isn't bad, it's very much Starfox inspired. It even has boss battles.

    The Navy one i didn't think too much of... spent a few seconds wondering what to do before the AI unleashed a wave of whoop-ass on me. Tried again, now knowing what to do.... and got stomped again. The AI is merciless!

    It's not unfair to assume that people who like playing games where you use military vehicles would be interested in using actual military vehicles.
    There's nothing wrong with trying to inform these same people that the Defence Force is a viable career option.

    I too think this is perhaps some Ender's Game/Last Starfighter shenanigans going on. You hit a high score and some burly guys in suits and earpieces toss you into an armoured van.

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