Demon's Souls Celebrates Its Birthday With A Black & White Affair

Atlus USA is celebrating one year of Demon's Souls today—the "biggest success" in the publisher's two decade history—giving devotees of the dark, dismal role-playing game a pair of World Tendency events to enjoy and/or suffer through.

Starting today, Demon's Souls first birthday in North America, the Kingdom of Boletaria is going "pure white," which players of the PlayStation 3 game know is a nicer change of pace. That lasts until October 18, when the game's world switches to "pure black" for the rest of the month, ending on Halloween.

Demon's Souls recently became a PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits release, meaning those of you out there who haven't enjoyed getting your arse kicked by Maneater(s) can do so on the cheap.


    So is this for US servers only?? Will we not see this??

      From what I've been about to find out it seems like its US only :(

        about = able >_<

    Atlus only control the US servers.

    I'm happy for Atlus' success. They took the gamble and it has paid of handsomely. I'm glad as a fan of the game that western players have tried and enjoyed this game. Although just as many tried and failed as well I'm sure.

    The game also received critical acclaim because of the word of mouth marketing rather than the usual hype machine of America Gaming Inc.

    In fact if it was marketed through normal channels fate could have been very different.

    Kudos Atlus.

    This game was by far one of the best games I hav ever played; period. If there was a finite list of my own personal Top Ten, this game would place in the top three. I'm estatic about the "sequel" Project Dark, and it will be one of very few games I'll make the effort to have on release day. I could rant on about this title all day, but won't, and will simply say, "If you have yet to play this game, please do. It's never too late to revisit this game because the mechanics are timeless."

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