Dial C For DC Universe Online Character Creation

Future Lex Luthor's ridiculous plan to seed humanity with super powers to avert a coming apocalypse culminates in this character creation trailer for DC Universe Online.

Superman and Wonder Woman would have never allowed future Lex Luthor to seed the Earth's atmosphere with tiny robots that give normal human beings super powers. Luckily for the next generation of superheroes and super villains, future Lex has learned the lesson that escaped his current incarnation for decades: Don't tell the heroes what you're going to do, just do it.

Which leads us to character creation. Once you get superhuman abilities, you're going to have to change out of that musty t-shirt and put on some fancy pants. With everyone transforming into superheroes, one would think a more relaxed dress code would be instituted, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In the epic battle between good and evil, there are no casual Fridays.


    wow i have not been more excited for this game, it looks like city of heroes on steroids, as long as they handle the grind well and make progression fair, this will be a killer MMO

    I just hope it isn't a let down like Champions Online was. Hopefully there will be plenty to do, and some open fighting between players who are evil or good or perhaps even neutral.

    Personally, even though Batman was always my favourite hero, I preferred Marvel. DC heroes are just too silly. The entire premise of this game is that Brainiac will come and rule the world so Lex Luthor pulls a Kyle Reese to go back in time and warn the future John Connors of the impending Judgement Day.

    Brainiac? I'm sorry. I can't take a character seriously with a name like that.

      The character is the origin of the informal eponymous word which means "genius". The name itself is a portmanteau of the words brain and maniac, with influence from ENIAC, the name of an early computer.

      The character originated the word, so it really isn't that silly. The more you know.

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