Did Sonic Fans Just Release A Better Sonic The Hedgehog HD?

A pair of die-hard Sonic the Hedgehog fans have released their own high-def homage to the Sonic games of old, Sonic Fan Remix, a side-scrolling platforming adventure that's dripping with detail. Does it rival the one Sega just released on consoles?

While Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I was built by a team of professionals at Dimps and Sonic Team, the independent fan project was primarily created by just two people. They go by the names Pelikan13 and Mercury and they've just released the demo of their unauthorised project.

The Sonic Fan Remix demo re-imagines a pair of classic Sonic the Hedgehog levels. It also includes one built from scratch by its developers.

Mercury and Pelikan13 have been selective in borrowing gameplay mechanics from the Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games, explaining that some elements are lifted from Sonic CD, while others aspects of Sonic's control are original. One trick Sonic Fan Remix doesn't have is the homing attack added to Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

See it for yourself in action here.

The demo is built on the Unity3D engine and users have bemoaned its CPU intensive needs and frame rate. But this is the work of a very small team of dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog fans. And, of course, it's free. So go grab yourself a copy and see what you think.

Sonic Fan Remix Available For Download [Sonic Retro]


    played it last night. its actually really good. too bad its only a few levels and no boss!

    Downloading now!

    I seriously hope that these guys don't get a cease and desist letter.

    Hell if I was someone at Sega, I'd be offering them a job!

    If they're charging less per episode than Sega are trying to get away with then they've already won.

    Seriously, Sega - I'd buy the full game for $20-odd, but I'm not paying that much for only the first part of it.

    I will check that when I get home.

    NO HOMING? AllllllllRIIIIght!

    now THERE is a Soic game i would be more than happy to buy.

    I'm giving both Colours and the recent episodic sonic games a big miss.

      Don't you like having fun?

    Yes, yes they have made a better Sonic game than Sonic 4.

    Impressive! Most impressive.

    That certainly harks back to the days of Sonic I remember from my misspent youth.

    Why did it have to be a RAR file... I'll never understand why people wants to use a non standard file format and install more junk in their computers to do what the OS already does.

      RAR's compression is quite a bit better than WinZip's. I'd say it was to keep the download size down.

    This is absolutely better than Sonic 4. Sega, THIS is how you make a GREAT Sonic game. Please hire these guys and let them do their thing!

    This looks and plays better than Sonic 4. Definitely check it out if you haven't already

    Looks great, but gameplay seems slower than the original??

      Actually, Sonic's gameplay got faster for Sonic 2,3,and Knuckles (not that that's a problem.) Therefore if they are making a 'true' Sonic game with Sonic 1 as the inspiration then they still get it right.

    The game looks great in stills, but the contrast is near unplayable in motion. Very irritating to watch.

    Sega needs to hire these guys and get them to do SONIC 5 (aka Sonic 3DS).

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