Does Japan Think The Nintendo 3DS Is Over-Priced?

The forthcoming Nintendo 3DS will cost ¥25,000. That's US$305! That's... a lot of cabbage. The handheld does not yet have a price point outside of Japan. But what does The Land of the Rising Sun think?

Website has the results of a poll that asked over 1,000 folks whether they think the Nintendo 3DS is expensive or cheap. Their responses:

• Slightly Expensive: 32.2 percent (323 replies)

• Expensive: 28.3 percent (284 replies)

• Too Expensive: 19.2 percent (192 replies)

• Reasonable: 16.4 percent (164 replies)

• Slightly Inexpensive: 2 percent (20 replies)

• Inexpensive: 0.9 percent (9 replies)

Note: Out of those who were polled, six did not respond to the question.

Out of those polled, comments included things like "I'm hesitant to buy it on launch day" or "That's not the price-tag of a child's toy." Others said the machine's specs did not seem to merit the price tag, while others believed that the pricing was fair.

Late last month, Kotaku asked its readers if the upcoming handheld was too expensive.

The Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Japan next February. It will not have the price-tag of a child's toy.

『ニンテンドー3DS』25000円は高いのか? 安いのか? 大規模1003人アンケート結果 - ガジェット通信 [GetNews]


    I'm not sure I'd put too much faith in a poll like this. Not because I doubt that it represents the general feeling (maybe it does) but I think if you asked anyone about whether anything was too expensive they would say it was. It's just like people who complain that a public train ticket costs too much.

      Train tickets do cost a lot considering the "great" service we get.

        Costs me 28 a week as a student on youth allowance to get train tickets.


      Having been over to Hong Kong recently where trains run every three to five minutes all day and the tickets between stations are ten times less than what I pay to travel a station on Queensland Rail, yeah I'd say our tickets prices are ridiculous.

    While the Wii and DS were initially aimed to capture the young and casual markets, the DS evolved into the mobile platform of choice for everyone while the Wii groaned under the weight of shovelware aimed at the uninitiated, attracted to the "noobs can play, anyone can afford" pitch.

    In my opinion, the 3DS is an attempt to recapture some of the core credibility Nintendo has lost among it's dedicated fanbase.

    This isn't a children's toy, it is a 3D entertainment system without the crappy glasses. To me, Nintendo are trying for a more mature market with a mature price.

      I am yet to see even a handful of games developed for the DS that remotely resemble something a mature gamer would want to play. All the games are made with children and casual gamers in mind. The 3DS isn't an exception to this, especially by adding a gimick of glassesless 3D effect.
      The specs for the system are so underwhelming that you could barely call it a gaming system, comparring it to all modern mobile phones it's a waste.
      Buy an iPod if you want something with medium range graphics and computing power with adult games. Buy a 3DS if you like to burn money for fun.

    US$305? Christ, the thing will be over 500 when it gets down here.

      Don't be so rash. It is 25% more expensive than the DSi LL/XL, which suggests a price here of $350. Expensive, but not $500.

    It IS expensive, but so are all newly released consoles. Considering a PSP (3000) is still just under $300, I wouldn't complain if we were going to get the 3DS for less than $350 - it's going to be a much better long term investment.

    I might be a little delusional, but I can't see it going too much more and a little wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

    Really, depending on people reporting any problems with the hardware in other regions before our release, I've got it penciled in for day one.

      I highly doubt the 3DS will be $350, it will probably be closer to $400-$500 here and the price is excessively high. At $400 the 3DS will cost more than the Wii, more than the 360 and almost as much a PS3 ! Why buy a 3DS when you can get a home console for less ?

    Wasn't the PSP like $500 when it launched here? I'm not trying to start a Sony vs Nintendo thing just pointing out there was a lot of coin on the original PSP more than a DS.

    Yeah maybe Ninty are aiming at the more more mature market who have the disposable readies to afford it. I got a DS lite when the price became reasonable. I always like to wait until a new system has a stable of good games before I buy it. I only recently bought the Wii ($200). Although at E3 this year people were going Crazy for the new 3DS and I guess Ninty realised they could charge good money for it.

    Too much. Nuff said

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