Don't Bundle Dragon Quest Or You'll Go To Jail

During the 1980s and 1990s, Dragon Quest was a huge hit in Japan. Kids who were studying the piano learned the Dragon Quest theme. People loved the game so much! One retailer took advantage of that and got arrested.

In a recent issue of GamesTM, a product manager for an unnamed Japanese company recalls, "I remember Dragon Quest selling so well that the owner of a toy shop in my neighbourhood started bundling it with other games to get rid of them - which was against the law, so he got arrested."

Those were the days! Of course, the Dragon Quest games are still incredibly popular. The last Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest IX, sold over four million copies - the biggest in the series. Hopefully, no unscrupulous game retailers got snagged for it!

I remember Dragon Quest selling so well that the... [Tiny Cartridge] Pic via Exblog


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