Don't Expect The World Of Warcraft Movie Soon

While Hollywood director Sam Raimi is keen to make a World of Warcraft movie, whether he made it soon was always going to come down to the result of a tussle for his attention between it and another project.

And it looks like that other project - Disney's Oz: The Great And Powerful - has won out, Raimi reportedly making a commitment to make that his next movie. With production not due to begin until early next year, that would push serious work on a World of Warcraft movie back...well, a very long time.

We're hesitant to label it a delay, though, as Raimi himself said only recently that the World of Warcraft movie was "still a long ways away", on account of the film's script and characters still being very much a work in progress.

Sam Raimi Commits To Disney 'Oz' Take, While 'Rabbit Hole' Scribe Will Rewrite [Deadline New York]


    What is Sam Raimi: God of Horror doing making a Disney movie? I don't doubt thathe could do it and do it well. The man is a master director, but Oz? As in the Wizard of Oz? For Disney?

    While he is indeed well known for his horror films (I'm a massive fan of the Evil Dead series myself), he has done just as much non-horror work. Hell, most people know him now for his work with Hercules, Xena and Spider-Man, rather than his horror roots.

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