Don't Object To This Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Trailer

Puzzle hero Professor layton and legal champion Phoenix Wright, together in the same Nintendo 3DS game? Crazy. It's so crazy you may want to watch the game's debut trailer to be sure it's real.


    This may be one of the most exciting things I've ever seen for the 3DS. I want, bad. XD I wonder if it'll be a puzzle game or if there'll be two types of game play.

    I have no idea what they're saying, but I'm sure it's awesome!

    Wonder how they'll ret-con this one away? Layton and Wright live in two different 'universes'. Wright actually takes place in the future, 2020 IIRC.

    The game looks like it's set in Layton's world however, which is meant to be a stylized modern london.

      they both get transported to an alternate medievil universe with magic in it. More details and translation of the trailer here

      Nothing time-travel can't do: It works in other series, why not this? I recall the latest Professor Layton proved the existance of time travel in his universe. =)

    The Best Crossover on a handheld device... I THINK SO

    I WILL buy a 3DS for this.

    A puzzle they can't crack and an attorney they can't beat Denny Crane

    I have no idea what the gameplay is going to be like, but I cannot wait to play this game!

    ps. I'm not used to hearing such a deep Layton voice xD

      I'm under the impression it's written by the writer for Phoenix Wright, so I guess gameplay may lean more towards the court room/investigation side of things? Though I'm sure the puzzles won't be denied. Well, maybe I'm just HOPING for that... would love to see Layton's sleuthing in a Phoenix Wright context myself...


    holy crap. I am stunned, confused and tingling with anticipation. This better be as awesome as I imagine it to be.

    Strange. Phoenix Wright is set in the near future while Layton is set in, what looks to be, Victorian-era England.

    Also, Phoenix Wright is all anime-inspired while Layton is about as plain as Gumby.

      Yeah, I'm excited about this, but at the same time I wonder how it's all going to work - especially with the different art styles.

    It's just come out that it's only confirmed for a Japanese release so far. Surely they'd have to bring it out everywhere... right?

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